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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
moz.build 1.6 kB
nsContentSupportMap.cpp 543 Bytes
nsContentSupportMap.h The nsContentSupportMap maintains a mapping from a "resource element" * in the content tree to the 2.1 kB
nsContentTestNode.cpp 2.8 kB
nsContentTestNode.h public TestNode 1.4 kB
nsIXULBuilderListener.idl nsISupports 975 Bytes
nsIXULSortService.idl nsISupports 1.5 kB
nsIXULTemplateBuilder.idl 16.9 kB
nsIXULTemplateQueryProcessor.idl 13.0 kB
nsIXULTemplateResult.idl nsISupports 4.4 kB
nsIXULTemplateRuleFilter.idl nsISupports 1.4 kB
nsInstantiationNode.cpp 3.1 kB
nsInstantiationNode.h public ReteNode 1.1 kB
nsRDFBinding.cpp 7.4 kB
nsRDFBinding.h Classes related to storing bindings for RDF handling. 6.4 kB
nsRDFConInstanceTestNode.cpp 10.0 kB
nsRDFConInstanceTestNode.h public nsRDFTestNode 3.0 kB
nsRDFConMemberTestNode.cpp 19.4 kB
nsRDFConMemberTestNode.h public nsRDFTestNode 2.8 kB
nsRDFPropertyTestNode.cpp 13.1 kB
nsRDFPropertyTestNode.h public nsRDFTestNode 3.7 kB
nsRDFQuery.cpp mQueryNode 1.3 kB
nsRDFQuery.h A compiled query in the RDF query processor. This interface should not be * used directly outside o 3.9 kB
nsRDFTestNode.h public TestNode 1.7 kB
nsResourceSet.cpp 2.4 kB
nsResourceSet.h 2.4 kB
nsRuleNetwork.cpp Implementations for the rule network classes. To Do. - Constrain() & Propagate() still feel li 11.1 kB
nsRuleNetwork.h A rule discrimination network implementation based on ideas from RETE and TREAT. RETE is descri 28.1 kB
nsTemplateMap.h 1.6 kB
nsTemplateMatch.cpp 1.2 kB
nsTemplateMatch.h A match object, where each match object is associated with one result. * There will be one match li 4.1 kB
nsTemplateRule.cpp 13.7 kB
nsTemplateRule.h 10.2 kB
nsTreeRows.cpp 12.9 kB
nsTreeRows.h This class maintains the state of the XUL tree builder's * rows. It maps a row number to the nsTemp 11.9 kB
nsXMLBinding.cpp 3.2 kB
nsXMLBinding.h Classes related to storing bindings for XML handling. 3.6 kB
nsXULContentBuilder.cpp 70.4 kB
nsXULContentUtils.cpp A package of routines shared by the XUL content code. 9.8 kB
nsXULContentUtils.h A package of routines shared by the XUL content code. 5.9 kB
nsXULResourceList.h 549 Bytes
nsXULSortService.cpp This file provides the implementation for the sort service manager. 17.6 kB
nsXULSortService.h This sort service is used to sort template built content or content by attribute. 5.6 kB
nsXULTemplateBuilder.cpp 5 88.2 kB
nsXULTemplateBuilder.h public nsIXULTemplateBuilder 16.9 kB
nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorRDF.cpp 60.3 kB
nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorRDF.h 11.7 kB
nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorStorage.cpp 16.3 kB
nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorStorage.h 1.7 kB
nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorXML.cpp 14.2 kB
nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorXML.h 4.9 kB
nsXULTemplateResultRDF.cpp mQuery 5.4 kB
nsXULTemplateResultRDF.h A single result of a query on an RDF graph 2.3 kB
nsXULTemplateResultSetRDF.cpp nsISimpleEnumerator 2.4 kB
nsXULTemplateResultSetRDF.h An enumerator used to iterate over a set of results. 1.6 kB
nsXULTemplateResultStorage.cpp nsIXULTemplateResult 2.8 kB
nsXULTemplateResultStorage.h A single result of a query from mozstorage 1.0 kB
nsXULTemplateResultXML.cpp nsIXULTemplateResult 5.1 kB
nsXULTemplateResultXML.h An single result of an query 1.7 kB
nsXULTreeBuilder.cpp public nsXULTemplateBuilder 55.8 kB