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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ContentVerifier.cpp 7.3 kB
ContentVerifier.h public nsIStreamListener 2.3 kB
SRICheck.cpp Returns whether or not the sub-resource about to be loaded is eligible * for integrity checks. If i 19.9 kB
SRICheck.h 4.6 kB
SRILogHelper.h 689 Bytes
SRIMetadata.cpp aToken 5.5 kB
SRIMetadata.h 2.3 kB
moz.build 1.2 kB
nsCSPContext.cpp 59.0 kB
nsCSPContext.h public nsIContentSecurityPolicy 6.1 kB
nsCSPParser.cpp 48.0 kB
nsCSPParser.h How does the parsing work? * * We generate tokens by splitting the policy-string by whitespace and 9.2 kB
nsCSPService.cpp Keeps track of whether or not CSP is enabled 12.1 kB
nsCSPService.h 1.1 kB
nsCSPUtils.cpp 46.8 kB
nsCSPUtils.h =============== Logging =================== 21.9 kB
nsContentSecurityManager.cpp 25.9 kB
nsContentSecurityManager.h public nsIContentSecurityManager 1.3 kB
nsMixedContentBlocker.cpp 49.4 kB
nsMixedContentBlocker.h public nsIContentPolicy 4.5 kB