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component {cde1d019-fad8-4044-b141-65fb4fb7a245} Push.js
contract @mozilla.org/push/PushManager;1 {cde1d019-fad8-4044-b141-65fb4fb7a245}

# XPCOM components.
component {daaa8d73-677e-4233-8acd-2c404bd01658} PushComponents.js
contract @mozilla.org/push/Service;1 {daaa8d73-677e-4233-8acd-2c404bd01658}
category app-startup PushServiceParent @mozilla.org/push/Service;1

# For immediate loading of PushService instead of delayed loading.
category android-push-service PushServiceParent @mozilla.org/push/Service;1