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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.eslintrc.js 6.3 kB
FormAutofillContent.jsm 12.2 kB
FormAutofillHandler.jsm Defines a handler object to represent forms that autofill can handle. 4.5 kB
FormAutofillHeuristics.jsm Form Autofill field heuristics. 969 Bytes
FormAutofillParent.jsm Implements a service used to access storage and communicate with content. * * A "fields" array is 7.2 kB
FormAutofillPreferences.jsm Injects the form autofill section into about:preferences. 3.9 kB
FormAutofillUtils.jsm 1.1 kB
ProfileAutoCompleteResult.jsm 6.7 kB
ProfileStorage.jsm Implements an interface of the storage of Form Autofill. * * The data is stored in JSON format, wi 8.3 kB
bootstrap.js exported startup, shutdown, install, uninstall 2.8 kB
install.rdf.in 1.2 kB
jar.mn 576 Bytes
moz.build 802 Bytes