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	<title>Mozilla Labs Test Pilot</title>
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					<h2>What data will be collected from me?</h2>
					Data will only be collected to answer particular design questions, which may include your computer configuration, the version of Firefox, your self-described survey answers and your feedback on specific product features. No personal information, such as your name, phone number or email address, will be collected.

				<div class="calloutItem">
					<h2>Does Mozilla start to transmit my data from the moment I join the program?</h2>
					No. Once you sign up as a Test Pilot,  Mozilla will automatically collect your test feedback on your local computer. But no feedback will be transmitted to Mozilla until you submit it.

				<div class="calloutItem">
					<h2>How will my data be shared with the public?</h2>
					Your data will be aggregated together with all other test data as a whole before we make them available to the general public. That is, your data will be anonymous and in an aggregate form; no data will be directly associated with any personally identifiable information about you.

				<div class="calloutItem">
					<h2>For how long will my data be stored in Mozilla's servers?</h2>
					All test data will only be collected to answer particular design questions. That is, Mozilla will only store your data for the period necessary to fulfill this purpose.

				<div class="calloutItem">
					<h2>Do I have to participate in every test?</h2>
					No. You may quit a test at any time. Even if the test has already started, you may still cancel it and no data will be transmitted to Mozilla from your computer. You may also quit the Test Pilot program by uninstalling the add-on.


				<div id="subContentPrivacy">
					<h1>Privacy Policy</h1>

					<h2>Mozilla Test Pilot</h2>

					<p><span class="bold">Adopted: August 11, 2009</span></p>
				        <p><span class="bold">Revised on: 28 April 2010, 24 November 2013</span></p>

					<p>We’re working hard to protect your privacy while delivering products and services that bring you the performance and protection you desire in your personal computing.  This Mozilla Test Pilot Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how Mozilla Corporation (“Mozilla”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, collects and uses information from user tests conducted through Mozilla’s Test Pilot program (“Test Pilot”).  It does not apply to other Mozilla websites, products or services, each of which have their own privacy policy.  If you are using another Mozilla product at the time you are participating in Test Pilot, you should look at the relevant privacy policy to determine what other information is being collected (e.g., See Mozilla’s <a href="http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/legal/privacy/firefox-en.html">Firefox Privacy Policy</a> for further information on data collected from all Firefox users).</p>

					<h2>What is Test Pilot?</h2>

					<p>Test Pilot was created to provide a new set of tools and capabilities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our user testing.  Test Pilot is a stand-alone platform.  Test Pilot may be used as an add-on to your web browser, or bundled into other products.  However Test Pilot is made available, you will always have to choose to submit your data and unless you do so, no data will be transfered to Test Pilot server.  You are in control. You choose to participate and you choose to share your data. No data will be collected unless you choose to do so. Please visit <a href="https://testpilot.mozillalabs.com/">https://testpilot.mozillalabs.com/</a> for more information on Test Pilot.</p>

					<h2>Information Collected from Test Pilot Participants</h2>

					<p>In order to improve our user testing, Mozilla will collect certain data in relation to your participation in Test Pilot tests. Your data won't be transmitted until you choose to submit your data.  When your data is submitted, it will be aggregated into a big batch with everyone else's info and will not be directly connected back to you. All the aggregated data will be open to the public, but to be extra clear none of it will be personally identifiable as yours or anyone else's.</p>
					<p>After you install Test Pilot, you will have an opportunity to review a description of each test, including its duration and the types of data that will be collected through the test (the “Test Description”).  The data required for the test (“Test Data”) will be collected locally on your computer in a database within Firefox.  At the end of the test, you will be able to review the Test Data and will be asked whether you would like to submit the Test Data to Mozilla. </p>
					<p>The Test Data consist of information that cannot be directly associated with a specific person or entity, and include your self-assessed technical level, computer configuration, the version of Firefox or other products that you use, the URL or Uniform Resource Locators (the addresses of web pages you navigate).  The Test Data do not include your name or email address, and will not be combined with any information that personally identifies you.</p>
					<p>If you change your mind about participating in a test, you may opt out from the test at any time before you choose to share the Test Data, and the Test Data will not be transmitted to Mozilla.  Similarly, if you choose not to submit the Test Data at the end of the test, the Test Data will not be transmitted to Mozilla.</p>

					<h2>Transfer of Data to the U.S.</h2>

					<p>By registering for Test Pilot, you consent to the transfer of the Test Data and any other information collected under this Policy to the United States, which may provide a lesser level of data security than in your country of residence.</p>

					<h2>Information Disclosure</h2>

					<p>Other than its wholly-owned subsidiaries listed below, Mozilla does not share the raw Test Data with any third party.  We only provide the raw Test Data to Mozilla employees and contractors, as well as employees and contractors of the following wholly-owned subsidiaries and affiliated companies of Mozilla: MZ Denmark ApS, MZ Canada Ltd, MOZ 2008 Corporation, Mozilla Online Ltd, and Mozilla Japan.  Mozilla requires its employees and contractors to sign confidentiality agreements that prohibit them from using the raw data other than for internal Mozilla purposes, or from disclosing these data to third parties.</p>
					<p>Mozilla uses a third party, <a href="http://www.surveygizmo.com/">surveygizmo.com</a>, for its surveys, which has its own privacy policy. surveygizmo.com states that they will not share this information with others or use the information for purposes other than to maintain the services they provide to Mozilla.</p>
					<p>All Test Data will be made anonymous and aggregated, and made available to the general public in the form of aggregate data.  These aggregate data do not personally identify any test participants.</p>
					<p>Test Pilot is designed to remove the Test Data from the local database in your Firefox browser (1) when you choose to opt out of Test Pilot or the test; (2) 7 days after you choose to submit Test Data to Mozilla, or (3) when you choose not to submit the Test Data when requested at the end of the test.  Some users have told us they want to keep their Test Data after submitting it to us.  This is why we will not delete it from your browser for 7 days after you submit.  For those who wish to keep their Test Data, please ensure you save it during this 7-day window.</p>

					<h2>Data Retention</h2>

					<p>We will retain Test Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes of improving our user testing, unless a longer retention period is required by law and/or regulations.</p>

					<img src="images/flow.png">

					<h2>Policy Changes</h2>

					<p>Mozilla may change this Policy from time to time. Any and all changes will be reflected on this page. When Mozilla changes this Policy in a material way, a notice will be posted on a Mozilla Labs webpage, such as on the TestPilot blog. Substantive changes may also be announced through the standard mechanisms by which Mozilla communicates with its users and community, including Mozilla's "announce" mailing list and newsgroup. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the terms of this Policy. You should periodically check this page for any changes to the current policy.</p>
					<p>Data collected will be governed by the Policy in effect at the time the data was submitted to Mozilla.</p>

					<h2>Questions or Concerns</h2>

					<p>You may request appropriate access, correction, or deletion of Test Data, as permitted by law.  We will seek to comply with such requests, provided that we have sufficient information to identify the Test Data related to you.  Since the Test Pilot program collects very limited information about participants, it may not be possible to identify Test Data that you submitted.  We recommend that you print a copy of the Test Data for your records before you submit it to Mozilla. </p>
					<p>Any such requests or other questions or concerns regarding this Policy and Mozilla's data protection practices should be addressed to:</p>

					<p><span class="address">Mozilla Corporation</span><br>
					<span class="address">Attn:Legal Notices -  Privacy</span><br>
					<span class="address">650 Castro Street</span><br>
					<span class="address">Suite 300</span><br>
					<span class="address">Mountain View, CA 94041-2021</span><br>
					<span class="address">Phone: +1-650-903-0800</span><br>
					<span class="address">E-mail: privacy@mozilla.com</span>

					<p>We shall keep a copy of this Policy.  If, at any time, you would like to see a copy of it, you should write to the above address or email address.




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