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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
FeedWriter.js 52.1 kB
Mixins.js Mix attributes (properties, methods, getters/setters) from the source object * into the target obje 5.2 kB
Observers.js A service for adding, removing and notifying observers of notifications. * Wraps the nsIObserverSer 7.0 kB
Preferences.js service 5.1 kB
StringBundle.js 7.2 kB
Sync.js Create a callback that remembers state like whether it's been called 6.7 kB
URI.js A URI. For now, this returns an nsIURI rather than an instance of this * class, but in the future 2.7 kB
collection.js 12.0 kB
collection2.js 13.5 kB
constants.js 3.7 kB
datastore.js 68.0 kB
feed.js 29.1 kB
identity.js 13.0 kB
log4moz.js 14.0 kB
message.js 19.7 kB
opml.js 6.9 kB
request.js 5.3 kB
service.js 27.1 kB
source.js 26.5 kB
target.js a target for messages 2.6 kB
twitter.js 23.4 kB
utils.js Utilities for manipulating dates. * * FIXME: replace this with Datejs <http://www.datejs.com/>. 29.4 kB