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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
db_versions ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
template Welcome to Bespin!
__init__.py 1.7 kB
auth.py Failed login tracking. Keep track of the number of failed attempts to log in per user over a given 3.9 kB
config.py 14.2 kB
controllers.py 56.5 kB
database.py Data classes for working with files/projects/users. 32.0 kB
deploy.py A keychain with deployment-specific information. 11.9 kB
filesystem.py Data classes for working with files/projects/users. 37.4 kB
framework.py Custom request object for Bespin. Provides the user object and the username of the logged i 7.4 kB
jsontemplate.py Python implementation of json-template. JSON Template is a minimal and powerful templating language 23.2 kB
model.py Data classes for working with files/projects/users. 1.7 kB
pathutils.py This module contains convenience functions for working with files and paths. 19.9 kB
plugins.py 17.3 kB
queue.py Functions for managing asynchronous operations. 8.7 kB
queuewatch.py 2.3 kB
redis.py redis.py - A client for the Redis daemon. 25.8 kB
stats.py Methods for tracking statistics. 3.3 kB
utils.py 3.8 kB
vcs.py Manages the interaction with version control systems. UVC is responsible for handling the main inter 20.5 kB