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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

validator.nonExistingFolder=Porože foolaa ši bara
validator.expectProjectFolder=Nda cimi porože foolaa ti tuku foo
validator.noManifestFile=Bangandiyan tuku foo ga waažibandi porože linji foolaa ga, kaŋ maaɲoo ti 'manifest.webapp' porogaram soolantey se wala 'manifest.json' tontoney se.
validator.invalidManifestURL='%S' bangandiyan URL laala
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.invalidManifestJSON, validator.noAccessManifestURL):
# %1$S is the error message, %2$S is the URI of the manifest.
validator.invalidManifestJSON=Interneti porogaram bangandiyan '%1$S' manti JSON tuku boryo ne: %2$S
validator.noAccessManifestURL=Ši hin ka bangandiyan tuku '%1$S' caw ne: %2$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.invalidHostedManifestURL): %1$S is the URI of
# the manifest, %2$S is the error message.
validator.invalidHostedManifestURL=Interneti aderesu zunbante '%1$S' laala: %2$S
validator.invalidProjectType=Porože dumi '%S' šibayante
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.missNameManifestProperty, validator.missIconsManifestProperty):
# don't translate 'icons' and 'name'.
validator.missNameManifestProperty=Faari waažibante 'name' ga kuma bangandiyanoo ra.
validator.missIconsManifestProperty=Faari 'icons' ga kuma bangandiyanoo ra.
validator.missIconMarketplace2=porogaram wallafiyan Marketplace ra baa 128px bii sahã
validator.invalidAppType=Porogaram dumi šibayante: '%S'.
validator.invalidHostedPriviledges=Porogaram zunbante ši hin ka tee '%S' dumi.
validator.noCertifiedSupport=Porogaram juwalkaa ši goy nda 'certified' porogaramey kul.
validator.nonAbsoluteLaunchPath=A ga waažibi kaŋ dirandiyan fondaa ma šintin nda '/': '%S'
validator.accessFailedLaunchPath=Si hin ka duu porogaramoo tunandi takaddaa '%S'
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.accessFailedLaunchPathBadHttpCode): %1$S is the URI of
# the launch document, %2$S is the http error code.
validator.accessFailedLaunchPathBadHttpCode=Ši hin ka duu porogaram tunandi takadda '%1$S', duu HTTP %2$S ašariya