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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE These strings are used in the 'csscoverage' command and in
# the user interface that this command creates.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverageDesc, csscoverageStartDesc2,
# csscoverageStopDesc2, csscoverageOneShotDesc2, csscoverageToggleDesc2,
# csscoverageReportDesc2): Short descriptions of the csscoverage commands
csscoverageDesc=Analyzu CSS-kompatibelnosći wóźiś
csscoverageStartDesc2=Zběranje datow CSS-kompatibelnosći startowaś
csscoverageStopDesc2=Zběranje datow CSS-kompatibelnosći zastajiś
csscoverageOneShotDesc2=Momentane daty CSS-kompatibelnosći zběraś
csscoverageToggleDesc2=Zběranje datow CSS-kompatibelnosći pśešaltowaś
csscoverageReportDesc2=Rozpšawu wó CSS-kompatibelnosći pokazaś
csscoverageStartNoReloadDesc=Ze znowegozacytowanim boka njezachopiś
csscoverageStartNoReloadManual=Nejlěpjej zachopinamy ze znowegozacytowanim aktualnego boka, dokulaž to startujo test pśi znatem dypku, ale by mógli teke pśicyny eksistěrowaś, cogoždla njocomy to cyniś (na pś. bok wopśimujo staw, kótarež zgubijo se pśi znowegozacytowanju)

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverageRunningReply, csscoverageDoneReply): Text that
# describes the current state of the css coverage system
csscoverageRunningReply=Analyza CSS-kompatibelnosći běžy
csscoverageDoneReply=Analyza CSS-kompatibelnosći jo se dokóńcyła

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverageRunningError, csscoverageNotRunningError,
# csscoverageNotRunError): Error message that describe things that can go wrong
# with the css coverage system
csscoverageRunningError=Analyza CSS-kompatibelnosći južo běžy
csscoverageNotRunningError=Analyza CSS-kompatibelnosći njeběžy
csscoverageNotRunError=Analyza CSS-kompatibelnosći njejo běžała
csscoverageNoRemoteError=Cel njepódpěra CSS-kompatibelnosć
csscoverageOneShotReportError=Rozpšawa wó CSS-kompatibelnosći za daty 'oneshot' njestoj k dispoziciji. Pšosym wužyjśo startowaś/zastajiś.