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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

# Page number formating
## @page_number The current page number
#LOCALIZATION NOTE (pageofpages): Do not translate %ld in the following line.
# Place the word %ld where the page number and number of pages should be
# The first %ld will receive the the page number

# Page number formating
## @page_number The current page number
## @page_total The total number of pages
#LOCALIZATION NOTE (pageofpages): Do not translate %ld in the following line.
# Place the word %ld where the page number and number of pages should be
# The first %ld will receive the the page number
# the second %ld will receive the total number of pages
pageofpages=%1$d af %2$d

noprinter=Ingen printere tilgængelige.
PrintToFile=Udskriv til fil
noPrintFilename.title=Der mangler et filnavn
noPrintFilename.alert=Du har valgt "Udskriv til fil", og filnavnet er blank!
fileConfirm.exists=%S eksisterer allerede.\nVil du erstatte den?

# Printing error messages.
#LOCALIZATION NOTE: Some of these messages come in pairs, one
# for printing and one for print previewing.  You can remove that
# distinction in your language by removing the entity with the _PP
# suffix; then the entity without a suffix will be used for both.
# You can also add that distinction to any of the messages that don't
# already have it by adding a new entity with a _PP suffix.
# For instance, if you delete PERR_GFX_PRINTER_DOC_IS_BUSY_PP, then
# the PERR_GFX_PRINTER_DOC_IS_BUSY message will be used for that error
# condition when print previewing as well as when printing.  If you
# add PERR_FAILURE_PP, then PERR_FAILURE will only be used when
# printing, and PERR_FAILURE_PP will be used under the same conditions
# when print previewing.
PERR_FAILURE=Der opstod en ukendt fejl under udskrivningen.

PERR_ABORT=Udskrivningen blev afbrudt eller annulleret.
PERR_NOT_AVAILABLE=Nogle udskrivningsfunktioner er ikke tilgængelige i øjeblikket.
PERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED=Nogle udskrivningsfunktioner er ikke implementeret endnu.
PERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY=Der er ikke nok ledig hukommelse til udskrivningen.
PERR_UNEXPECTED=Der opstod en uventet fejl under udskrivningen.

PERR_GFX_PRINTER_NO_PRINTER_AVAILABLE=Der kunne ikke findes en printer.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_NO_PRINTER_AVAILABLE_PP=Der kunne ikke findes en printer, kan ikke vise udskrift.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_NAME_NOT_FOUND=Den valgte printer kunne ikke findes.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_COULD_NOT_OPEN_FILE=Printerens outputfil kunne ikke åbnes.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_STARTDOC=Udskrivning mislykkedes ved start.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_ENDDOC=Udskrivning mislykkedes ved afslutning.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_STARTPAGE=Udskrivning mislykkedes ved start af ny side.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_DOC_IS_BUSY=Kan ikke starte udskrivning endnu, dokumentet indlæses stadig.
PERR_GFX_PRINTER_DOC_IS_BUSY_PP=Kan ikke vise udskrift endnu, dokumentet indlæses stadig.