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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (irc.usernameHint):
#  This is displayed inside the accountUsernameInfoWithDescription
#  string defined in imAccounts.properties when the user is
#  configuring an IRC account.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (connection.error.*):
#   These will show in the account manager if the account is
#   disconnected because of an error.
connection.error.lost=Pers la connexiun cun il server
connection.error.timeOut=La connexiun è scrudada
connection.error.invalidUsername=%S n'è betg in num d'utilisader lubì
connection.error.invalidPassword=Pled-clav dal server nunvalid
connection.error.passwordRequired=Pled-clav necessari

#   These show up on the join chat menu. An underscore is for the access key.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (options.*):
#   These are the protocol specific options shown in the account manager and
#   account wizard windows.
options.ssl=Utilisar SSL
options.encoding=Codaziun da caracters
options.quitMessage=Messadi cun deconnectar dal server
options.partMessage=Messadi cun sortir dal chanal
options.showServerTab=Mussar messadis dal server
options.alternateNicks=Pseudonims alternativs

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (ctcp.version):
#   %1$S is the nickname of the user whose version was requested.
#   %2$S is the version response from the client.
ctcp.version=%1$S utilisescha "%2$S"
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (ctcp.time):
#   %1$S is the nickname of the user whose time was requested.
#   %2$S is the time response.
ctcp.time=Tar %1$S èsi las %2$S.

# LOCALZIATION NOTE (command.*):
#   These are the help messages for each command, the %S is the command name
#   Each command first gives the parameter it accepts and then a description of
#   the command.
command.action=%S <acziun dad exequir>: Exequir ina acziun.
command.ctcp=%S <pseudonim> <messadi>: Trametta in messadi CTCP a pseudonim.
command.chanserv=%S <cumond>: Trametta in cumond al ChanServ.
command.deop=%S <pseudonim1>[,<pseudonim2>]*: Retrair il status 'operator' dad insatgi. Ti stos esser in operator dal chanal per far quai.
command.devoice=%S <pseudonim1>[,<pseudonim2>]*: Retrair il status 'voice' ad insatgi per evitar ch'els discurran sch'il chanal è moderà (+m). Ti stos esser in operator dal chanal per far quai.
command.invite2=%S <pseudonim>[ <pseudonim>]* [<local>]: Envidar in u plirs pseudonims en il chanal actual u en il chanal inditgà.
command.join=%S <local1>[,<local2>]* [<clav1>[,<clav2>]*]: Acceder in u plirs chanals ed inditgar opziunalmain ina clav per mintgin (sche necessari).
command.kick=%S <pseudonim> [<messadi>]: Allontanar insatgi dad in chanal. Ti stos esser in operator per far quai.
command.list=%S: Mussar ina glista da locals da chat en questa rait. Attenziun: tscherts servers pudessan deconnectar tai sche ti fas quai.
command.memoserv=%S <cumond>: Trametter in cumond a MemoServ.
command.modeUser=%S (+|-)<nov modus> [<pseudonim>]: Definir u allontanar in modus dad utilisader.
command.modeChannel=%S <chanal>[ (+|-)<nov modus> [<parameter>][,<parameter>]*]: Retschaiver, definir u allontanar in modus da chanal.
command.msg=%S <pseudonim> <messadi>: Trametter in messadi privat ad in utilisader (enstagl da trametter a l'entir chanal).
command.nick=%S <nov pseudonim>: Midar tes pseudonim.
command.nickserv=%S <cumond>: Trametter in cumond al NickServ.
command.notice=%S <destinaziun> <messadi>: Trametter ina infurmaziun ad in utilisader u in chanal.
command.op=%S <pseudonim1>[,<pseudonim2>]*: Dar il status 'operator' ad insatgi. Ti stos esser in operator dal chanal per far quai.
command.operserv=%S <cumond>: Trametter in cumond a l'OperServ.
command.part=%S [messadi]: Sortir dal chanal actual cun in messadi opziunal.
command.ping=%S [<pseudonim>]: Dumonda quant retardament ch'in utilisader (u il server sche nagin utilisader è specifitgà) ha.
command.quit=%S <messadi>: Deconnectar dad in server cun in messadi opziunal.
command.quote=%S <cumond>: Trametter in cumond raw al server.
command.time=%S: Mussa il temp local dal server IRC.
command.topic=%S [<nov tema>]: Guardar u midar il tema dal chanal.
command.umode=%S (+|-)<nov modus>: Definir u allontanar in modus d'utilisader.
command.version=%S <pseudonim>: Dumandar la versiun da l'applicaziun IRC dad in utilisader.
command.voice=%S <pseudonim1>[,<pseudonim 2>]*: Dar il status 'voice' ad insatgi. Ti stos esser in operator dal chanal per far quai.
command.whois2=%S [<pseudonim>]: Retschaiver infurmaziuns davart in utilisader.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (message.*):
#    These are shown as system messages in the conversation.
#    %1$S is the nick and %2$S is the nick and host of the user who joined.
message.join=%1$S [%2$S] è entrà en il local.
message.rejoined=Ti es puspè entrà en il local.
#    %1$S is the nick of who kicked you.
#    %2$S is message.kicked.reason, if a kick message was given.
message.kicked.you=Ti es vegnì sclaus da %1$S%2$S.
#    %1$S is the nick that is kicked, %2$S the nick of the person who kicked
#    %1$S. %3$S is message.kicked.reason, if a kick message was given.
message.kicked=%1$S è vegnì sclaus da %2$S%3$S.
#    %S is the kick message
message.kicked.reason=: %S
#    %1$S is the new mode, %2$S is the nickname of the user whose mode
#    was changed, and %3$S is who set the mode.
message.usermode=Modus %1$S per %2$S definì da %3$S.
#    %1$S is the new channel mode and %2$S is who set the mode.
message.channelmode=Il modus dal chanal è %1$S, definì da %2$S.
#    %S is the user's mode.
message.yourmode=Tes modus è %S.
#    Could not change the nickname. %S is the user's nick.
message.nick.fail=Impussibel dad utilisar il pseudonim giavischà. Tes pseudonim resta %S.
#    The parameter is the message.parted.reason, if a part message is given.
message.parted.you=Ti es sortì dal local (Part%1$S).
#    %1$S is the user's nick, %2$S is message.parted.reason, if a part message is given.
message.parted=%1$S è sortì dal local (Part%2$S).
#    %S is the part message supplied by the user.
message.parted.reason=: %S
#    %1$S is the user's nick, %2$S is message.quit2 if a quit message is given.
message.quit=%1$S è partì dal local (Quit%2$S).
#    The parameter is the quit message given by the user.
message.quit2=: %S
#    %1$S is the nickname of the user that invited us, %2$S is the conversation
#    name.
message.inviteReceived=%1$S ha envidà tai a %2$S.
#    %1$S is the nickname of the invited user, %2$S is the conversation name
#    they were invited to.
message.invited=%1$S è envidà cun success a %2$S.
#    %1$S is the nickname of the invited user, %2$S is the conversation name
#    they were invited to but are already in
message.alreadyInChannel=%1$S è gia en %2$S.
#    %S is the nickname of the user who was summoned.
message.summoned=%S è vegnì invocà.
#    %S is the nickname of the user whose WHOIS information follows this message.
message.whois=Infurmaziuns da WHOIS davart %S:
#    %1$S is the nickname of the (offline) user whose WHOWAS information follows this message.
message.whowas=%1$S è offline. Infurmaziuns da WHOWAS davart %1$S:
#    %1$S is the entry description (from tooltip.*), %2$S is its value.
message.whoisEntry=\ua0\ua0\ua0\ua0%1$S: %2$S
#    %S is the nickname that is not known to the server.
message.unknownNick=%S è in pseudonim nunenconuschent.
#    %1$S is the nickname of the user who changed the mode and %2$S is the new
#    channel key (password).
message.channelKeyAdded=%1$S ha midà il pled-clav dal chanal en %2$S.
message.channelKeyRemoved=%S ha allontanà il pled-clav dal chanal.
#    This will be followed by a list of ban masks.
message.banMasks=Utilisaders connectads da suandants lieus èn bandischads da %S:
message.noBanMasks=I na dat nagins lieus bandischads per %S.
message.banMaskAdded=%2$S ha bandischà utilisaders connectads da lieus che correspundan a %1$S.
message.banMaskRemoved=Utilisaders connectads da lieus che correspundan a %1$S n'èn betg pli bandischads da %2$S.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (message.ping): Semi-colon list of plural forms.
#  See: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
#   %1$S is the nickname of the user or the server that was pinged.
#   #2 is the delay (in milliseconds).
message.ping=Resposta ping da %1$S en #2 millisecunda.;Resposta ping da %1$S en #2 millisecundas.

#    These are shown as error messages in the conversation or server tab.
#    %S is the channel name.
error.noChannel=Quest local n'exista betg: %S.
error.tooManyChannels=Impussibel d'acceder %S; ti fas part da memia blers chanals.
#    %1$S is your new nick, %2$S is the kill message from the server.
error.nickCollision=Il pseudonim vegn gia duvrà, midà il pseudonim a %1$S [%2$S].
error.erroneousNickname=%S n'è betg in pseudonim lubì.
error.banned=Ti es bandischà da quest server.
error.bannedSoon=Ti vegns prest bandischà da quest server.
error.mode.wrongUser=Ti na pos betg midar il modus per auters utilisaders.
#    %S is the nickname or channel name that isn't available.
error.noSuchNick=%S n'è betg connectà.
error.wasNoSuchNick=Quest pseudonim n'exista betg: %S
error.noSuchChannel=I na dat nagin chanal cun il num: %S.
error.unavailable=%S n'è betg disponibel per il mument.
#    %S is the channel name.
error.channelBanned=Ti es vegnì bandischà da %S.
error.cannotSendToChannel=Ti na pos betg trametter messadis a %S.
error.channelFull=Il chanal %S è plain.
error.inviteOnly=Ti stos esser envidà per pudair acceder %S.
error.nonUniqueTarget=%S n'è betg in user@host u num curt univoc, u che ti has empruvà dad acceder memia blers chanals en ina giada.
error.notChannelOp=Ti n'es betg in operator dal chanal %S.
error.notChannelOwner=Ti n'es betg in possessur dal chanal %S.
error.wrongKey=Impussibel dad acceder %S, pled-clav dal chanal nunvalid.
error.sendMessageFailed=Ina errur è succedida durant trametter tes ultim messadi. Emprova anc ina giada uschè prest che la colliaziun è restabilida.
#    %1$S is the channel the user tried to join, %2$S is the channel
#    he was forwarded to.
error.channelForward=Ti na dastgas betg acceder %1$S ed es vegnì renvià automaticamain a %2$S.
#    %S is the mode that the user tried to set but was not recognized
#    by the server as a valid mode.
error.unknownMode='%S' n'è betg in modus dad utilisader valid sin quest server.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.*):
#    These are the descriptions given in a tooltip with information received
#    from a whois response.
#    The human readable ("realname") description of the user.
tooltip.server=Connectà cun
#    The username and hostname that the user connects from (usually based on the
#    reverse DNS of the user's IP, but often mangled by the server to
#    protect users).
tooltip.connectedFrom=Connectà da
tooltip.registeredAs=Registrà sco
tooltip.secure=Utilisar ina connexiun segira
# The away message of the user
tooltip.ircOp=Operator dad IRC
tooltip.lastActivity=Ultima activitad
# %S is the timespan elapsed since the last activity.
tooltip.timespan=avant %S
tooltip.channels=Actualmain en

#    %1$S is the server name, %2$S is some generic server information (usually a
#    location or the date the user was last seen).
tooltip.serverValue=%1$S (%2$S)

#  These are used to turn true/false values into a yes/no response.