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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Dockerfile.taskcluster 1.3 kB
advanced_url_intercept.py # TODO: deprecate url-interceptor. from mercurial import ( error, pycompat, registrar, 2.8 kB
clobber.hgmaster 24 Bytes
clobber.hgrb 49 Bytes
clobber.hgweb 24 Bytes
clobber.vct 40 Bytes
create-virtualenv 2.5 kB
firefoxrepos.sh 2.3 kB
flaky-tests.txt 646 Bytes
hgcluster-docker-compose.yml 1.7 kB
hghave.py 3.5 kB
http-request.py 2.7 kB
local-mozilla-repos.py 1.3 kB
py3-failing.txt 516 Bytes
requirements-hgdev.in 258 Bytes
requirements-hgdev.txt 27.5 kB
setup.py 413 Bytes
taskcluster-run-tests 290 Bytes
url-intercept.py Dummy extension to intercept URL requests and respond with mocked response. This extension works by 1.6 kB