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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
adjust-mtime-from-pushlog.py 1.5 kB
aggregate-s3-bucket-logs 2.9 kB
audit-user-wsgi-dirs.py Look for problems in WSGI directories for user repositories. 1.9 kB
check_kafka_hg_heartbeat 3.0 kB
check_zookeeper 7.9 kB
cleanup-parsed-hg-logs 1.0 kB
clone-gaia-l10n.sh 2.3 kB
count-repo-pushes 1.1 kB
create-hg-repo-manifest 1.5 kB
download-verify 965 Bytes
firefox-releases 2.7 kB
get_b2g_locales.py Get list of locales from file in hg. Note: this only works with 'raw-file' urls 1.3 kB
hg-master-start-stop 1.1 kB
hg-repo-import-subtree.sh 1.1 kB
ldap-lookup-ssh-key 2.0 kB
new-channel-l10n-repo 2.7 kB
normalize-hgweb-permissions 456 Bytes
nuke-and-pave-repo-pushlog.sh 865 Bytes
outputif 581 Bytes
publish-to-sns 1.6 kB
record-pushes.sh 399 Bytes
repo-permissions 3.0 kB
s3-daily-totals 2.2 kB
scan-configs.py 1.1 kB
scrape-manifest-ip-ranges.py Writes new data to a temp file, then renames the temp file to the existing filename 10.6 kB
sync-hg-repos-from-manifest 4.5 kB
update-hg-access-date-from-pushlog 3.9 kB
update-repo-mtimes 2.6 kB
upgrade-hg-repos.py Upgrade Mercurial repositories. Given a list of repository paths on stdin, run `hg debugupgraderepo 6.3 kB
verify-sync.sh 1.9 kB