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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
eslint # ESLint in Gaia
jshint # JSHint hints
l10n # mozL10n deprecation warnings
.jshintrc 122 Bytes
additional-extensions.js 9.0 kB
app.js 3.6 kB
build-app.js 694 Bytes
build-test.js This script is used to run test case for gaia build system. 2.0 kB
clean-stage-app.js 710 Bytes
common.mk 1.5 kB
contacts-import-services.js This module contains all the build time generation logic needed to * use the import functionality b 1.5 kB
copy-build-stage-data.js This script is to copy external app from build_stage to profile folder, * which may rename the name 3.5 kB
copy-common-files.js Copy common files such as webapps.json 1.9 kB
csslint.js 9.7 kB
escodegen.js 100.2 kB
esomin.js Handles running a JS minifier over a directory, only picking out the .js * files for minification, 2.7 kB
esprima.js Copyright (c) jQuery Foundation, Inc. and Contributors, All Rights Reserved. Redistribution and u 193.7 kB
homescreen-manager.js 4.3 kB
import-config.js This module contains all the build time generation logic needed to * use the import functionality 2.8 kB
jsmin.js 11.7 kB
jsonlint.js 662 Bytes
media-resolution.js Filter images/video by GAIA_DEV_PIXELS_PER_PX. 2.3 kB
multilocale.js 17.5 kB
post-app.js 522 Bytes
post-manifest.js Updates manifest.webapp 872 Bytes
pre-app.js 514 Bytes
preferences.js Generate user.js 10.6 kB
preload.js 853 Bytes
preprocessor.js 4.5 kB
push-to-device.js detect if b2g process needs to be restarted * @param {string} appName app name * @return {bool} 7.6 kB
r.js 1.1 MB
raptor-test-transformer.esp.js This is a controller: it would invoke the sub-espect file for each test. * Each Espect file will ma 1.1 kB
raptor-test-transformer.js Overview: * * 1. Find all '.js' files in the app directory * 2. Replace the path with the '.esp.j 977 Bytes
rebuild.js 4.6 kB
scan-appdir.js This script scans the app directories and output them to GAIA_APPDIRS in * Makefile. Please note th 2.6 kB
search-provider.js This module generates 'search_providers.json' used by the Search and * Settings Applications 1.0 kB
settings.js config 9.7 kB
svoperapps.js the count of current issued and unprocessed app requests. 10.5 kB
update-webapps-json.js Updates webapps.json's manifest.webapp hash and package.json hash fields for * checking FOTA update 1.4 kB
utils-node.js This file contains all Node.js version of utils functions. * Since we're stil in the progress to mi 18.8 kB
utils-xpc.js global Services, Components, dump, FileUtils, OS, quit 43.1 kB
utils.js node 10.7 kB
webapp-manifests.js Generate webapps_shared.json in stage folder and uuid.json for external apps 5.3 kB
webapp-optimize.js webpp-optimize will do below things. * 1. Inline embeded html from <link rel="import" href="test.ht 20.5 kB
webapp-shared.js Copy shared files to stage folders 13.2 kB
webapp-zip.js Generate $(PROFILE_FOLDER)/apps/APP/content from build_stage to profile. * Additionally, it will al 5.9 kB
xpcshell-commonjs.js global Components, FileUtils, Services, XPCOMUtils:false, dump, quit 5.9 kB