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MetroNub Utilities Release Notes 

Date:    5/3/96
Author:  Mike Lockwood

MetroNub Utilities is an API that you can use in your program to communicate 
with MetroNub.  To use, just add the file MetroNubUtils.c to your project.

You can call IsMetroNubInstalled to find out if MetroNub is installed on your
machine, and the version of MetroNub supports the MetroNub Utilities API.

You can call IsMWDebuggerRunning to find out if the Metrowerks debugger is
currently running on your machine.  Similarly, you can call AmIBeingMWDebugged
to find out if the Metrowerks debugger is currently debugging your program.
You might do this, for example, to decide whether or not to execute a DebugStr
within your program, or to enable other code only when you are debugging.

The MetroNub Utilities API is extensible, so we may add new utility functions 
in the future.  Be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions for future
versions of the API.

Contacting Metrowerks

For bug reports, technical questions and suggestions, please use the forms
in the Release Notes folder on the CD, and send them to support@metrowerks.com

You may also post reports, questions and suggestions about Java CodeWarrior to

Metrowerks tech support monitors this newsgroup closely.

Mike Lockwood
Metrowerks Corporation