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The subdirectories of the other-licenses directory contain Mozilla-related 
source code that is _not_ licensed under the traditional Mozilla licensing 
schemes (i.e., the Mozilla Public License, Netscape Public License, MPL/GPL 
or NPL/GPL dual licenses, or the MPL/GPL/LGPL or NPL/GPL/LGPL tri-licenses). 
In particular, the requirements imposed by the license terms for the source 
code in the other-licenses directory may be different from the requirements 
imposed by the terms of the MPL or NPL.

For example, when distributing some or all of this source code (or binary 
executable products based on it) you may be required to provide additional 
notices to those to whom you distribute the source code or executables, 
above and beyond those notices required by the MPL or NPL for other Mozilla 
code. The licenses for some or all of this source code may also impose 
additional restrictions on the uses that you or others may make of the code, 
restrictions not imposed by the MPL or NPL.

For complete information on the terms on which you can use this source code, 
and the requirements placed upon you and people to whom you distribute the 
source code or executables incorporating it, please read the information 
files (e.g,, README, LICENSE, and/or COPYING) in the individual sub-
directories of the other-licenses directory. If you have any further 
questions after reading this information, please contact staff@mozilla.org.