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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
DlgProxy.cpp implementation file 2.9 kB
DlgProxy.h header file 1.6 kB
IEPatcher.cpp Defines the class behaviors for the application 2.6 kB
IEPatcher.dsp Win32 Debug 5.0 kB
IEPatcher.h main header file for the IEPATCHER application 1.4 kB
IEPatcher.odl type library source for IEPatcher 1.0 kB
IEPatcher.rc 6.8 kB
IEPatcher.reg 698 Bytes
IEPatcherDlg.cpp implementation file 14.4 kB
IEPatcherDlg.h header file 2.8 kB
ScanForFilesDlg.cpp implementation file 2.3 kB
ScanForFilesDlg.h header file 1.3 kB
ScannerThread.cpp implementation file 1.0 kB
ScannerThread.h header file 1.4 kB
ScannerWnd.cpp implementation file 1.8 kB
ScannerWnd.h header file 1.1 kB
StdAfx.cpp source file that includes just the standard includes 201 Bytes
StdAfx.h include file for standard system include files 1.7 kB
resource.h 1.3 kB