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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
customize-toolbar.js Global variables in addition to those specified in * mail/base/content/customizeToolbar.js 13.4 kB
customize-toolbar.xul 4.7 kB
imip-bar-overlay.xul 3.6 kB
imip-bar.js This bar lives inside the message window. * Its lifetime is the lifetime of the main thunderbird me 29.6 kB
lightning-calendar-creation.js 2.1 kB
lightning-calendar-creation.xul 2.8 kB
lightning-calendar-properties.js 2.1 kB
lightning-calendar-properties.xul 2.9 kB
lightning-common-sets.js 5.3 kB
lightning-migration.xul 3.4 kB
lightning-scripts.inc 3.1 kB
lightning-standalone.xul 2.6 kB
lightning-today-pane.js ltnInitTodayPane() * initializes TodayPane for Lightning and adds a toolbarbutton to mail-toolbar 3.9 kB
lightning-toolbar.inc 6.6 kB
lightning-utils.js Gets the value of a string in a .properties file from the lightning bundle * * @param aBundleName 5.3 kB
lightning-widgets.css 1.8 kB
lightning-widgets.xml 2.6 kB
lightning.js 4.9 kB
messenger-overlay-accountCentral.xul 2.8 kB
messenger-overlay-messageWindow.xul 2.1 kB
messenger-overlay-preferences.js 2.5 kB
messenger-overlay-preferences.xul 4.8 kB
messenger-overlay-sidebar.css 1.8 kB
messenger-overlay-sidebar.js 30.6 kB
messenger-overlay-sidebar.xul 31.6 kB
messenger-overlay-toolbar.js Global variables 16.2 kB
messenger-overlay-toolbar.xul 6.9 kB
toolkit-overlay-custombar.xul 2.1 kB