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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.eslintrc.js 80 Bytes
IMAPpump.jsm This file provides a simple interface to the imap fake server. Demonstration * of its use can be f 5.0 kB
LocalAccountUtils.jsm 6.0 kB
MailTestUtils.jsm 20.4 kB
MessageGenerator.jsm A list of first names for use by MessageGenerator to create deterministic, * reversible names. To 41.7 kB
MockFactory.jsm 3.1 kB
NetworkTestUtils.jsm This file provides utilities useful in testing more advanced networking * scenarios, such as proxie 9.0 kB
POP3pump.js the main access to the routine 8.0 kB
PromiseTestUtils.jsm This file provides utilities useful in using Promises and Task.jsm * with mailnews tests. 8.9 kB
abSetup.js Sets up the directory service provider to return the app dir as the profile * directory for the add 2.7 kB
alertTestUtils.js This file provides support for writing mailnews tests that require hooking * into the alerts system 9.5 kB
asyncTestUtils.js import-globals-from logHelper.js 12.8 kB
filterTestUtils.js Creates a filter and appends it to the nsIMsgFilterList. * * @param list An nsIMsgFilter to whi 3.1 kB
folderEventLogHelper.js import-globals-from logHelper.js 5.3 kB
logHelper.js Makes everything awesome if you are Andrew. Some day it will make everything * awesome if you are 20.8 kB
mailShutdown.js Provides methods to make sure our test shuts down mailnews properly. 1.8 kB
messageInjection.js import-globals-from asyncTestUtils.js 40.4 kB
messageModifier.js This file provides a number of methods for modifying (synthetic) messages * for testing purposes. 8.8 kB
msgFolderListenerSetup.js globals mailTestUtils 12.4 kB
passwordStorage.js globals gDEPTH 864 Bytes
searchTestUtils.js TestSearch: Class to test number of search hits * * @param aFolder: the folder to search * @par 4.7 kB
smimeUtils.jsm This file provides some utilities for helping run S/MIME tests. 2.2 kB