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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Auth.jsm This file implements the authentication mechanisms * - AUTH LOGIN * - AUTH PLAIN * - AUTH CRAM-MD 6.2 kB
Imapd.jsm 74.8 kB
Maild.jsm The XPCOM thread manager. This declaration is obsolete and exists only * because deleting it breaks 15.6 kB
Nntpd.jsm 17.4 kB
Pop3d.jsm Contributors: * Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch beonex.com> <http://business.beonex.com> (RFC 5034 Authe 12.3 kB
Smtpd.jsm This handler implements the bare minimum required by RFC 2821. * @see RFC 2821 * If dropOnAuthFail 7.3 kB