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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ABSearchDialog.js import-globals-from ../../../../toolkit/content/globalOverlay.js 9.9 kB
ABSearchDialog.xul 8.9 kB
FilterListDialog.js 33.6 kB
FilterListDialog.xul 7.0 kB
SearchDialog.js import-globals-from ../../../../toolkit/content/globalOverlay.js 18.2 kB
SearchDialog.xul 7.4 kB
aboutAddonsExtra.js import-globals-from ../../../../toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.js 9.7 kB
aboutDialog-appUpdater.js 15.3 kB
aboutDialog.css 1.7 kB
aboutDialog.js appUpdater 4.3 kB
aboutDialog.xul appUpdater 7.6 kB
aboutRights.xhtml 2.8 kB
attachmentList.css 1.7 kB
bindings.css 667 Bytes
browserRequest.js 3.4 kB
browserRequest.xul 1.3 kB
button-menu-button.js global MozXULElement 2.9 kB
charsetOverlay.xul 1.2 kB
commandglue.js Command-specific code. This stuff should be called by the widgets 11.9 kB
composerOverlay.css Because this sheet is loaded synchronously while the user is waiting for the compose window to ap 1.0 kB
contentAreaClick.js import-globals-from ../../../../toolkit/content/contentAreaUtils.js 6.9 kB
converterDialog.css 815 Bytes
customElements.js 1.1 kB
editContactPanel.inc.xul 4.4 kB
editContactPanel.js 8.1 kB
extensions.xml 3.5 kB
extensionsOverlay.css Hide FX specific elements we don't use 1.1 kB
folderDisplay.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 98.1 kB
folderPane.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 107.7 kB
foldersummary.js globals MozXULElement 11.0 kB
glodaFacet.js global HTMLElement, DateFacetVis, FacetContext, glodaFacetStrings, FacetUtils, PluralForm 53.9 kB
glodaFacetTab.js 3.1 kB
glodaFacetView.css 13.3 kB
glodaFacetView.js This file provides the global context for the faceting environment. In the * Model View Controlle 34.9 kB
glodaFacetView.xhtml 4.2 kB
glodaFacetViewWrapper.xul 1.5 kB
glodaFacetVis.js Facet visualizations that would be awkward in XBL. Allegedly because the * interaciton idiom of a 14.2 kB
helpMenu.inc.xul 2.6 kB
hiddenWindow.js 4.0 kB
hiddenWindow.xul 5.3 kB
macMessengerMenu.js import-globals-from mailCore.js 3.0 kB
macWindowMenu.inc.xul 1.3 kB
mail-offline.js import-globals-from mailWindow.js 8.7 kB
mail3PaneWindowCommands.js Functionality for the main application window (aka the 3pane) usually * consisting of folder pane, 47.7 kB
mailCommands.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 14.6 kB
mailContextMenus.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 24.1 kB
mailCore.js Core mail routines used by all of the major mail windows (address book, * 3-pane, compose and stand 28.7 kB
mailTabs.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 32.2 kB
mailWidgets.js global MozElements 51.3 kB
mailWindow.js import-globals-from ../../../../toolkit/content/contentAreaUtils.js 26.4 kB
mailWindowOverlay.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- 128.3 kB
mainCommandSet.inc.xul 17.7 kB
mainKeySet.inc.xul 15.0 kB
mainMailToolbox.inc.xul 20.3 kB
mainNavigationToolbox.inc.xul 62.2 kB
mainPopupSet.inc.xul 28.7 kB
mainStatusbar.inc.xul 1.1 kB
menulist.css editable 764 Bytes
messageDisplay.js null 20.7 kB
messageWindow.js This is where functions related to the standalone message window are kept 47.7 kB
messageWindow.xul 11.1 kB
messenger.css ===== messenger.css ================================================== == Content specific styles 6.2 kB
messenger.xul smime 36.5 kB
msgAttachmentView.inc.xul 8.6 kB
msgHdrPopup.inc.xul 5.9 kB
msgHdrView.inc.xul 29.3 kB
msgHdrView.js Functions related to displaying the headers for a selected message in the * message pane. 114.4 kB
msgMail3PaneWindow.js import-globals-from ../../../../toolkit/modules/PageMenu.jsm 67.3 kB
msgViewNavigation.js This file contains the js functions necessary to implement view navigation within the 3 pane. 6.4 kB
multimessageview.css Generic (cross-platform) multimessage view CSS. Some bits will be overridden by theme specific fi 2.3 kB
multimessageview.js A LimitIterator is a utility class that allows limiting the maximum number * of items to iterate ov 21.8 kB
multimessageview.xhtml 2.7 kB
multimessageview_print.css 290 Bytes
newTagDialog.js Pass in keyToEdit as a window argument to turn this dialog into an edit * tag dialog. 3.2 kB
newTagDialog.xul 1.0 kB
notification.css inline notification 1.2 kB
nsContextMenu.js import-globals-from folderDisplay.js 37.9 kB
nsDragAndDrop.js nsTransferable - a wrapper for nsITransferable that simplifies * javascript clipb 19.8 kB
phishingDetector.js import-globals-from mailWindowOverlay.js 9.9 kB
profileDowngrade.js 1.6 kB
profileDowngrade.xul 1.5 kB
protovis-r2.6-modded.js @namespace The Protovis namespace, <tt>pv</tt>. All public methods and fields * should be registere 171.9 kB
quickFilterBar.css :::: Filter Buttons :::: 2.0 kB
quickFilterBar.inc.xul 5.7 kB
quickFilterBar.js import-globals-from folderDisplay.js 22.8 kB
safeMode.js 2.3 kB
safeMode.xul 2.0 kB
sanitize.js 9.0 kB
sanitize.xul 3.9 kB
sanitizeDialog.css Sanitize everything warnings 330 Bytes
sanitizeDialog.js import-globals-from sanitize.js 7.4 kB
search.xml 10.0 kB
searchBar.js The glodasearch widget is a UI widget (the #searchInput textbox) which is * outside of the mailTabT 2.4 kB
selectionsummaries.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 3.8 kB
sharedsummary.css Generic (cross-platform) multimessage view CSS. Some bits will be overridden by theme specific fi 1.9 kB
specialTabs.js global MozElements 51.9 kB
statuspanel.js inner 1.8 kB
systemIntegrationDialog.js 5.8 kB
systemIntegrationDialog.xul 2.4 kB
tabbrowser-tab.js global MozElements, MozXULElement 6.5 kB
tabmail-tabs.js global MozElements, MozXULElement 24.4 kB
tabmail.css alltabs-popup 1.5 kB
tabmail.xml 81.0 kB
threadPane.js import-globals-from commandglue.js 12.1 kB
threadTree.inc.xul 11.2 kB
toolbarIconColor.js import-globals-from mailWindow.js 2.3 kB
toolbarbutton-menu-button.js global MozXULElement 2.5 kB
utilityOverlay.js import-globals-from mailWindow.js 11.7 kB