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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
calWcapCalendar.js 13.1 kB
calWcapCalendarItems.js import-globals-from calWcapCalendarModule.js 59.7 kB
calWcapCalendarModule.js exported NS_OK, NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED, nsIException, calIWcapSession, * calIWcapCalendar, ca 3.6 kB
calWcapCalendarModule.manifest 493 Bytes
calWcapErrors.js exported checkErrorCode, checkWcapXmlErrno, checkWcapIcalErrno, * errorToString 23.5 kB
calWcapRequest.js A request object is used to track an async action. While the action is running, isPending is true 15.0 kB
calWcapSession.js exported getWcapSessionFor 49.0 kB
calWcapUtils.js exported getCalendarSearchService, getDomParser, isParent, filterXmlNodes, * getIcalUTC, g 7.6 kB
moz.build 608 Bytes