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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
calHtmlExport.html 1.8 kB
calHtmlExport.js label 4.1 kB
calIcsImportExport.js cal 1.6 kB
calImportExportModule.js import-globals-from calIcsImportExport.js 1.5 kB
calImportExportModule.manifest 2.1 kB
calListFormatter.js A thin wrapper around the html list exporter for the list print format. 923 Bytes
calMonthGridPrinter.html 4.7 kB
calMonthGridPrinter.js Prints a rough month-grid of events/tasks 8.8 kB
calOutlookCSVImportExport.js 17.0 kB
calWeekPrinter.html 5.8 kB
calWeekPrinter.js Prints a two column view of a week of events, much like a paper day-planner 5.5 kB
jar.mn 476 Bytes
moz.build 706 Bytes