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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MimeHeaderParser.cpp 7.2 kB
comi18n.cpp 2.3 kB
comi18n.h Decode MIME header to UTF-8. * Uses MIME_ConvertCharset if the decoded string needs a conversion. 1.3 kB
extraMimeParsers.jsm 997 Bytes
jsmime.jsm This file exports the JSMime code, polyfilling code as appropriate for use in * Gecko. 2.7 kB
mime.def 226 Bytes
mimeJSComponents.js If we get XPConnect-wrapped objects for msgIAddressObjects, we will have * properties defined for ' 16.9 kB
mimeParser.jsm 9.4 kB
mimeTextHTMLParsed.cpp Most of this code is copied from mimethsa. If you find a bug here, check that class, too. 5.3 kB
mimeTextHTMLParsed.h 966 Bytes
mimebuf.cpp mimebuf.c - libmsg like buffer handling routines for libmime 8.0 kB
mimebuf.h 1.6 kB
mimecms.cpp 22.7 kB
mimecms.h The MimeEncryptedCMS class implements a type of MIME object where the object is passed through a 1.2 kB
mimecom.cpp These calls are necessary to expose the object class hierarchy * to externally developed content ty 2.0 kB
mimecom.h XP-COM Bridges for C function calls 1.3 kB
mimecont.cpp 6.1 kB
mimecont.h MimeContainer is the class for the objects representing all MIME types which can contain other MI 1.4 kB
mimecryp.cpp 18.0 kB
mimecryp.h 6.1 kB
mimecth.cpp These calls are necessary to expose the object class hierarchy * to externally developed content ty 1.0 kB
mimecth.h This is the definitions for the Content Type Handler plugins for * libmime. This will allow develop 4.6 kB
mimedrft.cpp 75.5 kB
mimeebod.cpp 14.3 kB
mimeebod.h The MimeExternalBody class implements the message/external-body MIME type. (This is not to be con 1.3 kB
mimeenc.cpp 30.7 kB
mimeeobj.cpp 7.6 kB
mimeeobj.h The MimeExternalObject class represents MIME parts which contain data which cannot be displayed i 1.1 kB
mimefilt.cpp mimefilt.c --- test harness for libmime.a This program reads a message from stdin and writes the 10.1 kB
mimehdrs.cpp 24.5 kB
mimehdrs.h This file defines the interface to message-header parsing and formatting code, including conversi 2.9 kB
mimei.cpp SUPPORTED VIA PLUGIN | | |--- MimeInlineTextVCard 67.0 kB
mimei.h 16.4 kB
mimeiimg.cpp 7.4 kB
mimeiimg.h The MimeInlineImage class implements those MIME image types which can be displayed inline. 988 Bytes
mimeleaf.cpp MimeLeafClass 6.6 kB
mimeleaf.h MimeLeaf is the class for the objects representing all MIME types which are not containers for ot 2.2 kB
mimemalt.cpp 21.0 kB
mimemalt.h The MimeMultipartAlternative class implements the multipart/alternative MIME container, which dis 1.6 kB
mimemapl.cpp 5.5 kB
mimemapl.h The MimeMultipartAppleDouble class implements the multipart/appledouble MIME container, which pro 1.0 kB
mimemcms.cpp 14.7 kB
mimemcms.h The MimeMultipartSignedCMS class implements a multipart/signed MIME container with protocol=appli 1.2 kB
mimemdig.cpp 831 Bytes
mimemdig.h The MimeMultipartDigest class implements the multipart/digest MIME container, which is just like 1.1 kB
mimemmix.cpp 688 Bytes
mimemmix.h The MimeMultipartMixed class implements the multipart/mixed MIME container, and is also used for 965 Bytes
mimemoz2.cpp 62.2 kB
mimemoz2.h stream functions 8.4 kB
mimempar.cpp 703 Bytes
mimempar.h The MimeMultipartParallel class implements the multipart/parallel MIME container, which is curren 1.0 kB
mimemrel.cpp 36.8 kB
mimemrel.h The MimeMultipartRelated class implements the multipart/related MIME container, which allows `sib 2.1 kB
mimemsg.cpp 30.2 kB
mimemsg.h The MimeMessage class implements the message/rfc822 and message/news MIME containers, which is to 1.6 kB
mimemsig.cpp 26.1 kB
mimemsig.h 5.1 kB
mimemult.cpp 26.9 kB
mimemult.h The MimeMultipart class class implements the objects representing all of the "multipart/" MIME ty 3.8 kB
mimeobj.cpp Way to destroy any notions of modularity or class hierarchy, Terry! 10.6 kB
mimeobj.h 8.0 kB
mimepbuf.cpp See mimepbuf.h for a description of the mission of this file. Implementation: When asked t 8.5 kB
mimepbuf.h This file provides the ability to save up the entire contents of a MIME object (of arbitrary size 2.4 kB
mimesun.cpp 11.3 kB
mimesun.h 1.9 kB
mimetenr.cpp All the magic for this class is in mimetric.c; since text/enriched and text/richtext are so simil 1.1 kB
mimetenr.h The MimeInlineTextEnriched class implements the text/enriched MIME content type, as defined in RF 1.1 kB
mimetext.cpp 17.4 kB
mimetext.h The MimeInlineText class is the superclass of all handlers for the MIME text/ content types (whic 3.0 kB
mimethpl.cpp TODO: - If you Save As File .html with this mode, you get a total mess. - Print is untested (cra 6.4 kB
mimethpl.h The MimeInlineTextHTMLAsPlaintext class converts HTML->TXT->HTML, i.e. HTML to Plaintext and the 1.3 kB
mimethsa.cpp Most of this code is copied from mimethpl; see there for source comments. If you find a bug here, 5.0 kB
mimethsa.h 985 Bytes
mimethtm.cpp 8.2 kB
mimethtm.h The MimeInlineTextHTML class implements the text/html MIME content type. 1.1 kB
mimetpfl.cpp 20.9 kB
mimetpfl.h The MimeInlineTextPlainFlowed class implements the text/plain MIME content type for the special c 1.9 kB
mimetpla.cpp 15.5 kB
mimetpla.h The MimeInlineTextPlain class implements the text/plain MIME content type, and is also used for a 1.3 kB
mimetric.cpp This function has this clunky interface because it needs to be called from outside this module (n 11.0 kB
mimetric.h The MimeInlineTextRichtext class implements the (obsolete and deprecated) text/richtext MIME cont 1.1 kB
mimeunty.cpp 16.7 kB
mimeunty.h The MimeUntypedText class is used for untyped message contents, that is, it is the class used for 2.5 kB
modlmime.h Opaque object describing a block of message headers, and a couple of routines for extracting data 16.6 kB
modmimee.h This file defines interfaces to generic implementations of Base64, Quoted-Printable, and UU decod 2.1 kB
moz.build 1.9 kB
msgMime.manifest 703 Bytes
nsCMS.cpp 27.8 kB
nsCMS.h 2.9 kB
nsCMSSecureMessage.cpp nsICMSSecureMessage 10.1 kB
nsCMSSecureMessage.h 1.2 kB
nsMimeObjectClassAccess.cpp nsIMimeObjectClassAccess 2.2 kB
nsMimeObjectClassAccess.h public nsIMimeObjectClassAccess 2.1 kB
nsMimeStringResources.h Note that the negative values are not actually strings: they are error * codes masquerading as stri 2.0 kB
nsSimpleMimeConverterStub.cpp 6.2 kB
nsSimpleMimeConverterStub.h 554 Bytes
nsStreamConverter.cpp 35.4 kB
nsStreamConverter.h public nsIStreamConverter 3.6 kB