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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ABSearchDialog.js 9.7 kB
ABSearchDialog.xul 9.1 kB
EdSpellCheckOverlay.js Override openURL to open in a content tab within Thunderbird. * * @param url the URL to open 399 Bytes
EdSpellCheckOverlay.xul 554 Bytes
FilterListDialog.js 33.6 kB
FilterListDialog.xul 7.0 kB
SearchDialog.js 18.3 kB
SearchDialog.xul 12.1 kB
aboutDialog-appUpdater.js 14.4 kB
aboutDialog.css 1.7 kB
aboutDialog.js 4.4 kB
aboutDialog.xul appUpdater 7.6 kB
aboutRights.xhtml 2.9 kB
attachmentList.css horizontal 1.5 kB
bindings.css 1.9 kB
browserRequest.js 3.8 kB
browserRequest.xul 1.3 kB
charsetOverlay.xul 1.1 kB
commandglue.js Command-specific code. This stuff should be called by the widgets 12.0 kB
composerOverlay.css Because this sheet is loaded synchronously while the user is waiting for the compose window to ap 1.0 kB
configEditorOverlay.xul 671 Bytes
contentAreaClick.js 6.3 kB
customizeToolbarOverlay.xul 1.1 kB
dark.icon.svg 1.1 kB
downloadsOverlay.xul 550 Bytes
editContactOverlay.js 8.4 kB
editContactOverlay.xul 5.1 kB
extensionsOverlay.css 306 Bytes
extensionsOverlay.xul 1.1 kB
extraCustomizeItems.xul 5.4 kB
folderDisplay.js Maintains a list of listeners for all FolderDisplayWidget instances in this * window. The assumpt 107.3 kB
folderPane.js This file contains the controls and functions for the folder pane. * The following definitions will 110.6 kB
glodaFacetBindings.css 1.2 kB
glodaFacetBindings.xml 67.9 kB
glodaFacetTab.js 3.1 kB
glodaFacetView.css 13.2 kB
glodaFacetView.js This file provides the global context for the faceting environment. In the * Model View Controlle 31.6 kB
glodaFacetView.xhtml 4.3 kB
glodaFacetViewWrapper.xul 1.5 kB
glodaFacetVis.js Facet visualizations that would be awkward in XBL. Allegedly because the * interaciton idiom of a 14.4 kB
helpMenu.inc 1.5 kB
hiddenWindow.js 4.0 kB
hiddenWindow.xul 3.2 kB
light.icon.svg 1.1 kB
macMessengerOverlay.js When the Preferences window is actually loaded, this Listener is called. * Not doing this way could 3.2 kB
macMessengerOverlay.xul 1.2 kB
macWindowMenu.inc 1.3 kB
mail-compacttheme.js Enables compacttheme.css when needed. 2.0 kB
mail-offline.js 8.9 kB
mail3PaneWindowCommands.js Functionality for the main application window (aka the 3pane) usually * consisting of folder pane, 47.0 kB
mailCommands.js Get the identity that most likely is the best one to use, given the hint. * @param identities ns 17.6 kB
mailContextMenus.js Function to change the highlighted row back to the row that is currently * outline/dotted without l 23.9 kB
mailCore.js Core mail routines used by all of the major mail windows (address book, * 3-pane, compose and stand 28.1 kB
mailOverlay.xul 2.4 kB
mailTabs.js Displays message "folder"s, mail "message"s, and "glodaList" results. The * commonality is that t 32.3 kB
mailWidgets.xml 116.4 kB
mailWindow.js Called by messageWindow.xul:onunload, the 'single message display window'. * * Also called by mes 25.2 kB
mailWindowOverlay.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- 135.2 kB
mailWindowOverlay.xul 191.2 kB
messageDisplay.js null 21.6 kB
messageWindow.js This is where functions related to the standalone message window are kept 47.1 kB
messageWindow.xul 7.8 kB
messenger.css ===== messenger.css ================================================== == Content specific styles 18.7 kB
messenger.xul 31.7 kB
msgHdrViewOverlay.js Functions related to displaying the headers for a selected message in the * message pane. 103.6 kB
msgHdrViewOverlay.xul 38.8 kB
msgMail3PaneWindow.js Gets the service pack and build information on Windows platforms. The initial version * was copied 72.3 kB
msgViewNavigation.js This file contains the js functions necessary to implement view navigation within the 3 pane. 6.3 kB
multimessageview.css Generic (cross-platform) multimessage view CSS. Some bits will be overridden by theme specific fi 2.2 kB
multimessageview.js A LimitIterator is a utility class that allows limiting the maximum number * of items to iterate ov 21.6 kB
multimessageview.xhtml 3.1 kB
multimessageview_print.css 290 Bytes
newTagDialog.js Pass in keyToEdit as a window argument to turn this dialog into an edit * tag dialog. 3.0 kB
newTagDialog.xul 1.1 kB
nsContextMenu.js 38.5 kB
nsDragAndDrop.js nsTransferable - a wrapper for nsITransferable that simplifies * javascript clipb 21.1 kB
phishingDetector.js 8.8 kB
plugins.js A note to the curious: a large portion of this code was copied over from * mozilla/browser/base/con 26.2 kB
protovis-r2.6-modded.js @namespace The Protovis namespace, <tt>pv</tt>. All public methods and fields * should be registere 173.4 kB
quickFilterBar.css 621 Bytes
quickFilterBar.js There is only one message filter bar widget; the muxer deals with tab * changes and directing modi 24.2 kB
quickFilterBar.xul overlay 9.7 kB
safeMode.js 2.2 kB
safeMode.xul 2.1 kB
sanitize.js function 9.2 kB
sanitize.xul 4.9 kB
sanitizeDialog.css Places tree 572 Bytes
sanitizeDialog.js 7.5 kB
search.xml 10.2 kB
searchBar.js The glodasearch widget is a UI widget (the #searchInput textbox) which is * outside of the mailTabT 2.6 kB
selectionsummaries.js Summarize a set of selected messages. This can either be a single thread or * multiple threads. * 3.7 kB
sharedsummary.css Generic (cross-platform) multimessage view CSS. Some bits will be overridden by theme specific fi 992 Bytes
specialTabs.js 60.6 kB
specialTabs.xul 2.9 kB
systemIntegrationDialog.js 5.8 kB
systemIntegrationDialog.xul 2.6 kB
tabmail.css tabs 2.2 kB
tabmail.xml 112.4 kB
threadPane.js 12.1 kB
threadPaneColumnPicker.xml 9.5 kB
toolbarIconColor.js 2.2 kB
utilityOverlay.js 11.5 kB
utilityOverlay.xul 5.8 kB
viewSourceOverlay.xul 1.9 kB