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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
abCardOverlay.js 37.9 kB
abCardOverlay.xul 18.9 kB
abCardViewOverlay.js 20.1 kB
abCommon.js 23.8 kB
abEditListDialog.xul 912 Bytes
abListOverlay.xul 3.3 kB
abMailListDialog.xul 1.2 kB
abSelectAddressesDialog.js 10.7 kB
abSelectAddressesDialog.xul 4.6 kB
abTrees.js This file contains our implementation for various addressbook trees. It * depends on jsTreeView.js 8.0 kB
addressbook-panel.js 2.6 kB
addressbook-panel.xul commandset 5.2 kB
addressbook.js 15.4 kB
addressbook.xul 33.0 kB