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    Because imap protocol connections (which are channels) run through a cache,
    it isn't always the case that when you want to run a url, you actually get
    a connection back right away. Often times, the url goes into a queue until
    a connection becomes available.

    Unfortunately, if we want to be a truly pluggable protocol with necko, necko
    requires the ability to get a channel back right away when it wants to run 
    a url. It doesn't let you wait until an imap connection becomes available.

    So I've created the notion of a "mock channel". This mock channel is what
    gets returned to necko (or other callers) when they ask the imap service
    for a new channel for a url. The mock channel has "mock" implementations
    of nsIChannel. Eventually, when we actually assign the url to a real
    channel, we set the real channel on the mock channel. From that point forward,
    the mock channel forwards channel calls directly to the real channel.

    In short, this class is how I'm solving the problem where necko wants
    a channel back as soon as they ask for when with the fact that it
    may be a while until the url is loaded into a connection.

#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIChannel.idl"

interface nsIStreamListener;
interface nsIProgressEventSink;
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIImapProtocol;

[scriptable, uuid(e0178cd5-d37b-4bde-9ab8-752083536225)]

interface nsIImapMockChannel : nsIChannel
  attribute nsIProgressEventSink progressEventSink;
  void GetChannelListener(out nsIStreamListener aChannelListener);
  void GetChannelContext(out nsISupports aChannelContext);
  void Close();
  void setImapProtocol(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol);
  [noscript] void setSecurityInfo(in nsISupports securityInfo);

  void setURI(in nsIURI uri);