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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
accountWizard.css 2.2 kB
accounts-aero.css This applies only if Glass is available. 1.4 kB
accounts.css large parts copied from the addon manager 5.1 kB
actionicon-tab-linux.png 236 Bytes
actionicon-tab-mac.png 645 Bytes
actionicon-tab-mac@2x.png 1.4 kB
actionicon-tab-win.png 425 Bytes
alert.css 287 Bytes
blist-aero.css This applies only if Glass is available. 1.9 kB
blist.css 12.5 kB
collapse.png 238 Bytes
conversation-aero.css 649 Bytes
conversation.css 11.0 kB
debugLog.css 595 Bytes
debugLogPanel.css 982 Bytes
engineManager.css 430 Bytes
expand.png 240 Bytes
founder.png 658 Bytes
half-operator.png 667 Bytes
icon.png 2.2 kB
instantbird-aero.css This applies only if Glass is available. 1.2 kB
instantbird.css Tab colors 3.9 kB
jar.mn 31.2 kB
menulist.css Fix the icons in the menulist by undoing things from menu.css 483 Bytes
menus.css 456 Bytes
moz.build 352 Bytes
multiUserIcon.png 3.5 kB
newConversation.png 345 Bytes
newMessage.png 1.9 kB
newtab.css toolbar 3.1 kB
operator.png 727 Bytes
richlistbox.css Mostly copied from the download manager 888 Bytes
select-file.png 580 Bytes
select-file@2x.png 1.4 kB
tag-aero.png 676 Bytes
tag-linux.png 877 Bytes
tag-mac.png 789 Bytes
tag-mac@2x.png 1.6 kB
tag-win.png 517 Bytes
userIcon.png 679 Bytes
userIcon.svg 761 Bytes
viewlog.css Override the -moz-field background color set by tree.css. 1.8 kB
voice.png 733 Bytes
webRTC-shareDevice-16.png 578 Bytes
webRTC-shareDevice-16@2x.png 989 Bytes