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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MailNewsTypes.h nsMsgKey is a unique ID for a particular message in a folder. If you want a handle to a message 1.5 kB
MailNewsTypes2.idl Defines whether to use SSL or STARTTLS or not. * Used by @see nsIMsgIncomingServer.socketType * an 3.5 kB
moz.build 2.1 kB
mozINewMailListener.idl nsISupports 944 Bytes
mozINewMailNotificationService.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
msgCore.h Include files we are going to want available to all files....these files include NSPR, memory, an 6.8 kB
msgIOAuth2Module.idl nsISupports 2.0 kB
nsICopyMessageListener.idl nsISupports 829 Bytes
nsICopyMsgStreamListener.idl 719 Bytes
nsIFolderListener.idl nsISupports 2.7 kB
nsIFolderLookupService.idl nsISupports 1.2 kB
nsIIncomingServerListener.idl nsISupports 1.0 kB
nsIMapiRegistry.idl nsISupports 1.6 kB
nsIMessenger.idl nsISupports 7.3 kB
nsIMessengerMigrator.idl nsISupports 550 Bytes
nsIMessengerOSIntegration.idl nsISupports 644 Bytes
nsIMessengerWindowService.idl nsISupports 801 Bytes
nsIMsgAccount.idl nsISupports 3.4 kB
nsIMsgAccountManager.idl nsISupports 7.9 kB
nsIMsgAsyncPrompter.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
nsIMsgBiffManager.idl nsISupports 675 Bytes
nsIMsgCopyService.idl nsISupports 5.2 kB
nsIMsgCopyServiceListener.idl nsISupports 2.0 kB
nsIMsgCustomColumnHandler.idl nsITreeView 1.1 kB
nsIMsgDBView.idl 21.2 kB
nsIMsgFolder.idl nsISupports 30.4 kB
nsIMsgFolderCache.idl nsISupports 703 Bytes
nsIMsgFolderCacheElement.idl nsISupports 835 Bytes
nsIMsgFolderCompactor.idl nsISupports 1.8 kB
nsIMsgFolderListener.idl nsISupports 9.9 kB
nsIMsgFolderNotificationService.idl nsISupports 4.0 kB
nsIMsgHdr.idl 4.1 kB
nsIMsgIdentity.idl nsISupports 6.6 kB
nsIMsgIncomingServer.idl nsISupports 20.5 kB
nsIMsgKeyArray.idl nsISupports 1.5 kB
nsIMsgMailNewsUrl.idl nsIURL 6.6 kB
nsIMsgMailSession.idl nsISupports 2.9 kB
nsIMsgMdnGenerator.idl nsISupports 3.0 kB
nsIMsgMessageService.idl nsISupports 10.0 kB
nsIMsgOfflineManager.idl nsISupports 1.1 kB
nsIMsgPluggableStore.idl nsISupports 14.9 kB
nsIMsgPrintEngine.idl nsISupports 1.4 kB
nsIMsgProgress.idl nsIWebProgressListener 1.4 kB
nsIMsgProtocolInfo.idl nsISupports 3.0 kB
nsIMsgPurgeService.idl nsISupports 456 Bytes
nsIMsgRDFDataSource.idl nsISupports 561 Bytes
nsIMsgShutdown.idl 2.3 kB
nsIMsgStatusFeedback.idl nsISupports 776 Bytes
nsIMsgTagService.idl nsISupports 3.2 kB
nsIMsgThread.idl nsISupports 1.4 kB
nsIMsgUserFeedbackListener.idl nsISupports 1.2 kB
nsIMsgWindow.idl nsISupports 3.1 kB
nsIMsgWindowData.idl nsISupports 736 Bytes
nsISpamSettings.idl nsISupports 2.9 kB
nsIStatusBarBiffManager.idl nsIFolderListener 563 Bytes
nsIStopwatch.idl nsISupports 1.6 kB
nsISubscribableServer.idl nsISupports 2.8 kB
nsIUrlListener.idl nsISupports 997 Bytes
nsMsgBaseCID.h 15.0 kB
nsMsgFolderFlags.idl 5.6 kB
nsMsgGroupnameFlags.h Flags in the subscribe pane (used inside of MSG_GroupNameLine). Where the flags overlap with the 2.2 kB
nsMsgHeaderMasks.h This set enumerates the header fields which may be displayed in the message composition window. 2.2 kB
nsMsgLocalFolderHdrs.h The Netscape-specific header fields that we use for storing our various bits of state in mail fol 1.8 kB
nsMsgMessageFlags.idl 7.1 kB