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DXR is a code search and navigation tool aimed at making sense of large projects. It supports full-text and regex searches as well as structural queries.

Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
aboutSupport.xhtml 9.9 kB
accounts.js Coerces x into a string. 6.0 kB
export.js Create warning text to add to any private data. * @returns A HTML paragraph node containing the war 10.0 kB
extensions.js A list of extensions. This is assigned to by * populateExtensionsSection. There's a potential race 3.3 kB
gfx.js 8.5 kB
hide-private.css 1.8 kB
init.js Node classes. All of these are mutually exclusive. 5.9 kB
overlay.js 2.1 kB
overlay.xul 2.5 kB
prefs.js 5.1 kB
show-private.css 1.8 kB