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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
aboutDialog.css 3.1 kB
aboutDialog.js 3.5 kB
aboutDialog.xul 3.8 kB
applicationUtil.js 8.9 kB
calendar-doctype.inc 2.9 kB
calendar-gotodate-dialog.xul you can supply an object argument 3.2 kB
calendar-menubar.inc 24.2 kB
calendar-offline.js 3.1 kB
calendar-sets.inc 7.9 kB
calendar.xul views 9.6 kB
credits.xhtml 8.5 kB
hiddenWindow.js 5.4 kB
hiddenWindow.xul 3.5 kB
sunbird-scripts.inc 2.9 kB
sunbird-toolbar.inc 6.4 kB