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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
check-sync-exceptions 98 Bytes
exnumpy.py # http://www.python.org/doc/2.4.4/lib/module-itertools.html import itertools import numpy import pn 4.9 kB
iccp.py An International Color Consortium Profile (ICC Profile). 16.2 kB
mkiccp.py Return a function that maps all values from [0.0,m] to 0, and maps the range [m,1.0] into [0.0, 992 Bytes
pdsimgtopng 2.8 kB
pipasgrey 2.1 kB
pipcat 1.3 kB
pipcolours extract all colours present in source image 1.4 kB
pipcomposite 3.3 kB
pipdither 6.9 kB
piprgb 732 Bytes
pipscalez 1.3 kB
pipstack 4.4 kB
pipwindow 2.0 kB
plan9topng.py Command line tool to convert from Plan 9 image format to PNG format. Plan 9 image format descriptio 8.5 kB
png.py PNG encoder 155.2 kB
pngchunk 5.7 kB
pnghist 2.2 kB
pnglsch 605 Bytes
texttopng 3.8 kB