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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AudioSession.cpp To take advantage of what Vista+ have to offer with respect to audio, * we need to maintain an audi 14.4 kB
AudioSession.h 1.0 kB
CompositorWidgetChild.cpp 1.8 kB
CompositorWidgetChild.h 1.5 kB
CompositorWidgetParent.cpp 1.9 kB
CompositorWidgetParent.h 1.4 kB
GfxInfo.cpp GfxInfoBase 69.1 kB
GfxInfo.h public GfxInfoBase 3.6 kB
IEnumFE.cpp IUnknown impl. 3.4 kB
IEnumFE.h CEnumFormatEtc - implements IEnumFORMATETC 2.4 kB
IMMHandler.cpp 102.9 kB
IMMHandler.h 18.4 kB
InProcessWinCompositorWidget.cpp static 2.0 kB
InProcessWinCompositorWidget.h 1.2 kB
InkCollector.cpp NULL 8.4 kB
InkCollector.h 3.2 kB
JumpListBuilder.cpp nsIJumpListBuilder 18.1 kB
JumpListBuilder.h public nsIJumpListBuilder 1.9 kB
JumpListItem.cpp 16.3 kB
JumpListItem.h public JumpListItemBase 4.0 kB
KeyboardLayout.cpp 200.8 kB
KeyboardLayout.h 40.9 kB
LSPAnnotator.cpp LSPs are evil little bits of code that are allowed to inject into our * networking stack by Windows 5.0 kB
PCompositorWidget.ipdl 872 Bytes
PDFViaEMFPrintHelper.cpp Scale DC by keeping aspect ratio 7.6 kB
PDFViaEMFPrintHelper.h include windows.h for the HDC definitions that we need. 2.4 kB
PDFiumChild.cpp 1.9 kB
PDFiumChild.h 1.2 kB
PDFiumEngineShim.cpp 7.6 kB
PDFiumEngineShim.h include windows.h for the HDC definitions that we need. 2.1 kB
PDFiumParent.cpp 1.7 kB
PDFiumParent.h 1.4 kB
PDFiumProcessChild.cpp 1.8 kB
PDFiumProcessChild.h Contains the PDFiumChild object that facilitates IPC communication to/from * the instance of the PD 1.2 kB
PDFiumProcessParent.cpp 1.8 kB
PDFiumProcessParent.h 1.3 kB
PPDFium.ipdl A protocol for communicating with the PDFium processes. Useful for * converting a PDF file to EMF c 877 Bytes
PlatformWidgetTypes.ipdlh 800 Bytes
ScreenHelperWin.cpp 3.6 kB
ScreenHelperWin.h 769 Bytes
TSFTextStore.cpp TSF related code should log its behavior even on release build especially * in the interface method 271.0 kB
TSFTextStore.h Text Services Framework text store 43.0 kB
TaskbarPreview.cpp 12.6 kB
TaskbarPreview.h public nsITaskbarPreview 4.2 kB
TaskbarPreviewButton.cpp nsITaskbarPreviewButton 3.5 kB
TaskbarPreviewButton.h public nsITaskbarPreviewButton 1.3 kB
TaskbarTabPreview.cpp nsITaskbarTabPreview 10.4 kB
TaskbarTabPreview.h public nsITaskbarTabPreview 2.4 kB
TaskbarWindowPreview.cpp nsITaskbarWindowPreview 9.5 kB
TaskbarWindowPreview.h public TaskbarPreview 3.0 kB
WidgetTraceEvent.cpp Windows widget support for event loop instrumentation. * See toolkit/xre/EventTracer.cpp for more d 3.3 kB
WinCompositorWidget.cpp 10.0 kB
WinCompositorWidget.h 4.3 kB
WinCompositorWindowThread.cpp static 4.4 kB
WinCompositorWindowThread.h 1.6 kB
WinHeaderOnlyUtils.h This header is intended for self-contained, header-only, utility code for * Win32. It may be used o 2.1 kB
WinIMEHandler.cpp IMEHandler ***************************************************************************** 39.2 kB
WinIMEHandler.h IMEHandler class is a mediator class. On Windows, there are two IME API * sets: One is IMM which i 6.0 kB
WinMessages.h MOZ_WM_* messages *************************************************************************** 4.6 kB
WinModifierKeyState.h 1.7 kB
WinMouseScrollHandler.cpp 61.9 kB
WinMouseScrollHandler.h 19.6 kB
WinNativeEventData.h WinNativeKeyEventData is used by nsIWidget::OnWindowedPluginKeyEvent() and * related IPC methods. 1.5 kB
WinPointerEvents.cpp Helper functions to retrieve PointerEvent 6.9 kB
WinPointerEvents.h Flags that appear in pointer input message parameters 7.6 kB
WinTaskbar.cpp 12.0 kB
WinTaskbar.h 1.2 kB
WinTextEventDispatcherListener.cpp 2.5 kB
WinTextEventDispatcherListener.h On Windows, it's enough TextEventDispatcherListener to be a singleton * because we have only one in 1.8 kB
WinUtils.cpp 59.5 kB
WinUtils.h NS_INLINE_DECL_IUNKNOWN_REFCOUNTING should be used for defining and * implementing AddRef() and Rel 22.0 kB
WindowHook.cpp 3.4 kB
WindowHook.h 2.2 kB
WindowsEMF.cpp 2.4 kB
WindowsEMF.h include windows.h for the HDC definitions that we need. 3.4 kB
WindowsUIUtils.cpp mingw currently doesn't support windows.ui.viewmanagement.h, so we disable it until it's fixed. 4.9 kB
WindowsUIUtils.h 737 Bytes
moz.build 4.1 kB
nsAppShell.cpp 20.0 kB
nsAppShell.h public nsBaseAppShell 1.8 kB
nsBidiKeyboard.cpp nsIBidiKeyboard 5.7 kB
nsBidiKeyboard.h public nsIBidiKeyboard 861 Bytes
nsClipboard.cpp 39.9 kB
nsClipboard.h public nsBaseClipboard 3.6 kB
nsColorPicker.cpp 5.4 kB
nsColorPicker.h 1.5 kB
nsDataObj.cpp 70.0 kB
nsDataObj.h 12.1 kB
nsDataObjCollection.cpp Class nsDataObjCollection 12.4 kB
nsDataObjCollection.h This ole registered class is used to facilitate drag-drop of objects which * can be adapted by an o 3.5 kB
nsDeviceContextSpecWin.cpp 22.7 kB
nsDeviceContextSpecWin.h public nsIDeviceContextSpec 3.0 kB
nsDragService.cpp 22.4 kB
nsDragService.h public nsBaseDragService 2.1 kB
nsFilePicker.cpp 22.2 kB
nsFilePicker.h 4.2 kB
nsIdleServiceWin.cpp 740 Bytes
nsIdleServiceWin.h public nsIdleService 1.3 kB
nsImageClipboard.cpp Things To Do 11/8/00 Check image metrics, can we support them? Do we need to? Any other render form 16.2 kB
nsImageClipboard.h Things To Do 11/8/00 Check image metrics, can we support them? Do we need to? Any other render form 2.7 kB
nsLookAndFeel.cpp 28.1 kB
nsLookAndFeel.h Gesture System Metrics 3.7 kB
nsNativeDragSource.cpp class nsNativeDragSource 2.5 kB
nsNativeDragSource.h nsNativeDragSource implements the IDropSource interface and gets * most of its behavior from the as 2.1 kB
nsNativeDragTarget.cpp Define Interface IDs 15.0 kB
nsNativeDragTarget.h nsNativeDragTarget implements the IDropTarget interface and gets most of its * behavior from the as 3.5 kB
nsNativeThemeWin.cpp nsNativeTheme 159.8 kB
nsNativeThemeWin.h private nsNativeTheme 7.9 kB
nsPrintDialogUtil.cpp ------------------------------------------------------------------- To Build This: You need to ad 28.3 kB
nsPrintDialogUtil.h 536 Bytes
nsPrintDialogWin.cpp ParamBlock 5.8 kB
nsPrintDialogWin.h 1.3 kB
nsPrintSettingsServiceWin.cpp 5.0 kB
nsPrintSettingsServiceWin.h 1.1 kB
nsPrintSettingsWin.cpp 20.4 kB
nsPrintSettingsWin.h public nsPrintSettings 1.6 kB
nsSound.cpp 7.9 kB
nsSound.h public nsISound 1.0 kB
nsToolkit.cpp 1.9 kB
nsToolkit.h Wrapper around the thread running the message pump. * The toolkit abstraction is necessary because 1.1 kB
nsUXThemeConstants.h The following constants are used to determine how a widget is drawn using * Windows' Theme API. For 6.1 kB
nsUXThemeData.cpp 13.2 kB
nsUXThemeData.h 3.8 kB
nsWidgetFactory.cpp 10.4 kB
nsWinGesture.cpp Touch input handling for tablet displays 11.8 kB
nsWinGesture.h Touch input handling for tablet displays 2.3 kB
nsWindow.cpp Native window management and event handling 277.6 kB
nsWindow.h Native window management and event handling 30.4 kB
nsWindowBase.cpp 7.6 kB
nsWindowBase.h Base class of common methods other classes need to access 4.6 kB
nsWindowDbg.cpp Debug related utilities for nsWindow 1.8 kB
nsWindowDbg.h Debug related utilities for nsWindow 1.7 kB
nsWindowDefs.h nsWindow related definitions 4.2 kB
nsWindowGfx.cpp Painting and aceleration 23.3 kB
nsWindowGfx.h Painting and aceleration 1.1 kB
nsdefs.h 1.4 kB
resource.h 825 Bytes
touchinjection_sdk80.h 4.3 kB
widget.rc 1.3 kB