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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
autocomplete.xml result-popupset 81.8 kB
browser.xml 57.4 kB
button.xml base 9.1 kB
calendar.js Initialize the Calendar and generate nodes for week headers and days, and * attach event listeners. 4.8 kB
checkbox.xml check 2.4 kB
colorpicker.xml 19.7 kB
datekeeper.js DateKeeper keeps track of the date states. 10.6 kB
datepicker.js import-globals-from datekeeper.js 11.6 kB
datetimebox.css 1.3 kB
datetimebox.xml 58.4 kB
datetimepopup.xml 12.5 kB
dialog.xml content-box 17.2 kB
editor.js globals XULFrameElement 4.0 kB
findbar.xml textbox 51.4 kB
general.js 1.8 kB
general.xml 2.7 kB
groupbox.xml title 1.1 kB
menu.xml base 8.9 kB
menulist.xml label-box 11.4 kB
notification.xml 23.1 kB
numberbox.xml input-box 4.3 kB
popup.xml internal-box 17.2 kB
progressmeter.xml undetermined 4.0 kB
radio.xml 15.8 kB
remote-browser.xml 20.8 kB
richlistbox.xml 38.4 kB
scrollbox.xml innerbox 28.2 kB
spinner.js template 17.5 kB
stringbundle.js 1.6 kB
tabbox.js 4.3 kB
tabbox.xml 18.6 kB
text.xml base 14.8 kB
textbox.js contextmenu 7.6 kB
textbox.xml input 16.0 kB
timekeeper.js TimeKeeper keeps track of the time states. Given min, max, step, and * format (12/24hr), TimeKeeper 12.0 kB
timepicker.js 8.3 kB
toolbar.xml menubar-autohide 4.1 kB
toolbarbutton.xml icon 2.6 kB
tree.xml base 51.3 kB
videocontrols.js This is the class of entry. It will construct the actual implementation * according to the value of 81.3 kB
videocontrols.xml 82.3 kB
wizard.xml header 21.1 kB