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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
pageloader Pageload Test Component
profiler The files in this directory were imported from https://github.com/vdjeric/Snappy-Symbolication-Serve
talos-powers # Talos Powers Add-on
__init__.py 0 Bytes
bootstrap.js globals initializeBrowser 1.5 kB
cmanager.py Public interface to manage counters. On creation, create a thread to collect counters. Call 2.3 kB
cmanager_base.py Loads all of the counters defined in the counterDict 909 Bytes
cmanager_linux.py python front-end to running xrestop: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xrestop For e 5.5 kB
cmanager_mac.py CounterManager for Mac OSX 2.9 kB
cmanager_win32.py Get list of expanded counter paths given a counter name. Returns a list of strings or None, if n 9.0 kB
cmdline.py 9.5 kB
config.py 10.9 kB
ffsetup.py Set up a browser environment before running a test. 13.5 kB
filter.py data filters: takes a series of run data and applies statistical transforms to it Each filter is a 5.6 kB
gecko_profile.py module to handle Gecko profilling. 9.1 kB
generate-tart-xpi.html TART addon xpi generator 2.5 kB
generate-tresize-xpi.html Tresize addon xpi generator 2.4 kB
getInfo.html shutdown script 1.2 kB
heavy.py Downloads Heavy profiles from TaskCluster. 4.6 kB
mainthreadio.py 6.2 kB
mtio-whitelist.json 6.4 kB
output.py output formats for Talos 14.0 kB
results.py objects and methods for parsing and serializing Talos results see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Buildbot/ 18.3 kB
run_tests.py 22.2 kB
talos_process.py Store useful results of the browser execution. 7.8 kB
talosconfig.py 1.8 kB
test.py test definitions for Talos 33.2 kB
ttest.py A generic means of running an URL based browser test follows the following steps - creates a 12.3 kB
utils.py Utility functions for Talos 5.4 kB
whitelist.py 6.9 kB