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DXR is a code search and navigation tool aimed at making sense of large projects. It supports full-text and regex searches as well as structural queries.

Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
android-mozharness-build.json 164 Bytes
ash_android-x86.json 554 Bytes
ash_android.json 475 Bytes
jamun_android-armv6.json 509 Bytes
jamun_android-x86.json 507 Bytes
jamun_android.json 428 Bytes
mozilla-aurora_android-armv6.json 574 Bytes
mozilla-aurora_android-x86.json 572 Bytes
mozilla-aurora_android.json 493 Bytes
mozilla-beta_android-armv6.json 556 Bytes
mozilla-beta_android-x86.json 554 Bytes
mozilla-beta_android.json 475 Bytes
mozilla-central_android-armv6.json 556 Bytes
mozilla-central_android-x86.json 554 Bytes
mozilla-central_android.json 475 Bytes
mozilla-release_android-armv6.json 556 Bytes
mozilla-release_android-x86.json 554 Bytes
mozilla-release_android.json 475 Bytes
release_mozilla-beta_android-armv6.json 585 Bytes
release_mozilla-beta_android-x86.json 583 Bytes
release_mozilla-beta_android.json 504 Bytes
release_mozilla-release_android-armv6.json 588 Bytes
release_mozilla-release_android-x86.json 586 Bytes
release_mozilla-release_android.json 507 Bytes