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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 347 Bytes
asymmkey.c 7.2 kB
certdecode.c This is defined in pki3hack.c 1.4 kB
certificate.c Creates a certificate from a base object 30.9 kB
config.mk 441 Bytes
cryptocontext.c 22.5 kB
exports.gyp 721 Bytes
manifest.mn 815 Bytes
nsspki.h nsspki.h * * This file prototypes the methods of the top-level PKI objects. 58.6 kB
nsspkit.h nsspkit.h * * This file defines the types of the top-level PKI objects. 7.3 kB
pki.gyp 724 Bytes
pki.h Returns a copy, Caller must free using nss_ZFreeIf 3.2 kB
pki3hack.c Hacks to integrate NSS 3.4 and NSS 4.0 certificates. 46.4 kB
pki3hack.h 3.9 kB
pkibase.c 35.9 kB
pkim.h nssPKIObject * * This is the base object class, common to all PKI objects defined in * in this mo 14.2 kB
pkistore.c Certificate Store * * This differs from the cache in that it is a true storage facility. Items * 18.5 kB
pkistore.h PKI Stores * * This is a set of routines for managing local stores of PKI objects. * Currently, t 3.6 kB
pkit.h pkit.h * * This file contains definitions for the types of the top-level PKI objects. 4.4 kB
pkitm.h pkitm.h * * This file contains PKI-module specific types. 2.7 kB
symmkey.c 5.0 kB
tdcache.c 31.6 kB
trustdomain.c 35.3 kB