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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
config.mk 395 Bytes
cryptohi.gyp 599 Bytes
cryptohi.h public prototypes for the crypto library 18.3 kB
cryptoht.h public data structures for the crypto library 426 Bytes
dsautil.c Input is variable length multi-byte integer, MSB first (big endian). ** Most signficant bit of first 7.9 kB
exports.gyp 842 Bytes
key.h This header is deprecated. Please include keyhi.h instead. 347 Bytes
keyhi.h #include "secpkcs5.h" 8.5 kB
keyi.h NSS private functions 990 Bytes
keyt.h 284 Bytes
keythi.h RFC 4055 Section 1.2 specifies three different RSA key types. ** ** rsaKey maps to keys with SEC_OID 7.0 kB
manifest.mn 630 Bytes
sechash.c 11.0 kB
sechash.h Generic hash api. 1.7 kB
seckey.c Parameters for SEC_OID_PKCS1_RSA_PSS_SIGNATURE 63.7 kB
secsign.c 25.4 kB
secvfy.c Recover the DigestInfo from an RSA PKCS#1 signature. ** ** If givenDigestAlg != SEC_OID_UNKNOWN, cop 30.2 kB