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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
atk-enum-types.h Generated data (by glib-mkenums) 1.4 kB
atk.h Accessibility Toolkit 2.1 kB
atkaction.h The interface AtkAction should be supported by any object that can * perform one or more actions. 4.5 kB
atkcomponent.h AtkScrollType: *@ATK_SCROLL_TOP_LEFT: Scroll the object vertically and horizontally to the top *le 11.3 kB
atkdocument.h The AtkDocument interface should be supported by any object that is a container * for 'document con 3.5 kB
atkeditabletext.h AtkEditableText is used to support access in an "accessibility" context * to editing features of ed 4.8 kB
atkgobjectaccessible.h The AtkGObjectAccessible class is provided as a basis for implementing * accessibility support for 2.5 kB
atkhyperlink.h AtkHyperlink encapsulates a link or set of links in a hypertext document. * * It implements the At 3.9 kB
atkhyperlinkimpl.h The AtkHyperlinkImpl interface should be supported by objects * exposed within the hierarchy as chi 2.9 kB
atkhypertext.h The AtkHypertext interface provides standard mechanisms for manipulating * hyperlinks. 2.8 kB
atkimage.h The AtkImage interface should be supported by any object that has an * associated image. This inte 3.5 kB
atknoopobject.h 1.9 kB
atknoopobjectfactory.h 2.2 kB
atkobject.h role and state of the object 39.4 kB
atkobjectfactory.h 2.6 kB
atkplug.h 2.0 kB
atkregistry.h 2.5 kB
atkrelation.h An AtkRelation describes a relation between the object and one or more * other objects. The actual 3.3 kB
atkrelationset.h 3.3 kB
atkrelationtype.h 6.2 kB
atkselection.h This AtkSelection interface provides the standard mechanism for an * assistive technology to deter 3.7 kB
atksocket.h 2.2 kB
atkstate.h 14.1 kB
atkstateset.h 3.4 kB
atkstreamablecontent.h 4.7 kB
atktable.h AtkTable describes a user-interface component that presents data in * two-dimensional table format. 12.3 kB
atktablecell.h AtkTableCellIface: * @get_column_span: virtual function that returns the number of * columns occup 4.6 kB
atktext.h 18.0 kB
atkutil.h AtkEventListener: * @obj: An #AtkObject instance for whom the callback will be called when * the 8.6 kB
atkvalue.h The AtkValue interface should be supported by any object that * supports a numerical value (e.g., 3.2 kB