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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
1273433-ref.html Testcase for bug 1273433 2.2 kB
1273433.html Testcase for bug 1273433 1.9 kB
1339287-ref.html Testcase for bug 1339287 904 Bytes
1339287.html Testcase for bug 1339287 1.1 kB
legend-padding-1-ref.html Reference for bug 1483499 1.0 kB
legend-padding-1.html Testcase for bug 1483499 833 Bytes
legend-padding-2-ref.html Reference for bug 1483499 1.1 kB
legend-padding-2.html Testcase for bug 1483499 872 Bytes
legend-ref.html Reference case for bug 740743 3.6 kB
legend.html Testcase for bug 740743 3.6 kB
reftest.list 315 Bytes
shadow-dom-ref.html Test LEGEND placed into FIELDSET shadow DOM 1.2 kB