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'''This document is a direct translation of the October 8th, 2008 revision of the Japanese original at ([[GlyphWiki:データ・記事のライセンス]]). This translation is provided as a service, and should not be taken to be a definitive statement. Please be aware that in case the Japanese original and the English version differ, the Japanese original takes precedence.'''

*Data and article usage licence

The glyphs registered at the GlyphWiki, as well as the articles, can be freely used by anyone. Reuse of this data, such as reproduction or modification of the glyps, is permitted. The are no specific restrictions with regards to displaying the author's name. Reuse of GlyphWiki data as the basis for a new font, or direct usage of fonts and glyphs copied from GlyphWiki in published work is allowed. GlyphWiki does not hold copyright on any citations used throughout GlyphWiki articles. Please consult their respective licences when reusing such content.