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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
DD-SpaceManager.html Detailed Design Template 27.1 kB
ExampleClassDiagram.jpg 5.6 kB
HLD-SpaceManager.html Space Manager High Level Design 11.6 kB
Layout_Overview.html Layout Overview 21.6 kB
SpaceManagerClasses.gif 61.6 kB
SpaceManagerClasses.png 17.8 kB
SpaceMgr_BlockReflSt_OD.sda 119.3 kB
adding-style-props.html Adding a new style property - layout cookbook 22.8 kB
dd-template.html Layout Detailed Design Template 4.7 kB
debugtable.html Debugging facilities in HTML-Table code 9.4 kB
frame_reflow_debug.html Debugging Frame Reflow 10.8 kB
hld-template.html Layout High Level design Template 5.0 kB
index.html Layout Documentation Index Page 6.3 kB
object_diagram_template.sda 44.5 kB
overview.html Layout Documentation Overview 9.6 kB
raptor.jpg 49.6 kB
regression_tests.html Layout Regression tests 17.0 kB
table_reflow_slides.html Table Reflow Tech Talk, 2002-08-05 27.1 kB