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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AllocKind.h GC-internal definition of GC cell kinds. 9.8 kB
Allocator.cpp imposed minimum size 25.4 kB
Allocator.h 2.4 kB
ArenaList-inl.h 8.4 kB
ArenaList.h GC-internal definitions of ArenaList and associated heap data structures. 13.1 kB
AtomMarking-inl.h 2.3 kB
AtomMarking.cpp inl 10.2 kB
AtomMarking.h 3.2 kB
Barrier.cpp 7.0 kB
Barrier.h let 35.6 kB
Cell.h 14.7 kB
DeletePolicy.h 2.7 kB
FindSCCs.h 5.8 kB
FreeOp.h public JSFreeOp 2.5 kB
GC-inl.h 11.5 kB
GC.cpp 288.8 kB
GC.h JS engine garbage collector API. 6.0 kB
GCEnum.h GC-internal enum definitions. 2.5 kB
GCInternals.h GC-internal definitions. 9.1 kB
GCMarker.h 12.9 kB
GCParallelTask.h 5.0 kB
GCRuntime.h 40.4 kB
GCTrace.cpp 6.1 kB
GCTrace.h Tracing code is declared within this class, so the class can be a friend of * something and access 2.3 kB
GCTraceFormat.h Each trace is stored as a 64-bit word with the following format: * * 56 1.7 kB
GenerateStatsPhases.py 11.5 kB
HashUtil.h Used to add entries to a js::HashMap or HashSet where the key depends on a GC * thing that may be m 2.7 kB
Heap-inl.h 1.6 kB
Heap.h uint8_t 32.2 kB
Marking-inl.h 3.8 kB
Marking.cpp inl 112.7 kB
Marking.h Marking and sweeping APIs for use by implementations of different GC cell * kinds. 6.7 kB
Memory.cpp 28.0 kB
Memory.h 1.8 kB
Nursery-inl.h 4.5 kB
Nursery.cpp inl 39.1 kB
Nursery.h 21.5 kB
NurseryAwareHashMap.h 7.0 kB
ObjectKind-inl.h GC-internal helper functions for getting the AllocKind used to allocate a * JSObject and related in 5.3 kB
Policy.h public JS 2.4 kB
PrivateIterators-inl.h GC-internal iterators for various data structures. 4.9 kB
PublicIterators.cpp 8.8 kB
PublicIterators.h Iterators for various data structures. 5.5 kB
RelocationOverlay.h public Cell 2.0 kB
RootMarking.cpp 19.7 kB
Rooting.h 6.0 kB
Scheduling.h 25.4 kB
Statistics.cpp If this fails, then you can either delete this assertion and allow all * larger-numbered reasons to 49.8 kB
Statistics.h 15.9 kB
StoreBuffer-inl.h 2.2 kB
StoreBuffer.cpp inl 3.9 kB
StoreBuffer.h BufferableRef represents an abstract reference for use in the generational * GC's remembered set. E 18.9 kB
Tracer.cpp Callback Tracer Dispatch ******************************************************************* 15.4 kB
Tracer.h 9.3 kB
Verifier.cpp 19.3 kB
WeakMap-inl.h 8.0 kB
WeakMap.cpp inl 5.0 kB
WeakMap.h 7.6 kB
WeakMapPtr.cpp which wraps js 3.2 kB
Zone-inl.h static 4.3 kB
Zone.cpp inl 15.2 kB
Zone.h ZoneComponentFinder 25.2 kB