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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
moz.build 931 Bytes
nsLocalMailFolder.cpp 131.6 kB
nsLocalMailFolder.h Interface for representing Local Mail folders. 11.9 kB
nsLocalUndoTxn.cpp 17.2 kB
nsLocalUndoTxn.h 2.9 kB
nsLocalUtils.cpp 7.6 kB
nsLocalUtils.h 935 Bytes
nsMailboxProtocol.cpp the output_buffer_size must be larger than the largest possible line * 2000 seems good for news * 27.7 kB
nsMailboxProtocol.h public nsMsgProtocol 4.7 kB
nsMailboxServer.cpp 887 Bytes
nsMailboxServer.h public nsMsgIncomingServer 688 Bytes
nsMailboxService.cpp nsIMailboxService 23.6 kB
nsMailboxService.h public nsIMailboxService 2.0 kB
nsMailboxUrl.cpp nsMsgMailNewsUrl 16.3 kB
nsMailboxUrl.h public nsIMailboxUrl 3.6 kB
nsMovemailIncomingServer.cpp 5.2 kB
nsMovemailIncomingServer.h public nsMailboxServer 1.4 kB
nsMovemailService.cpp 20.5 kB
nsMovemailService.h public nsIMsgProtocolInfo 873 Bytes
nsMsgBrkMBoxStore.cpp nsIMsgPluggableStore 35.4 kB
nsMsgBrkMBoxStore.h Class for handling Berkeley Mailbox stores. 1.7 kB
nsMsgLocalStoreUtils.cpp 13.0 kB
nsMsgLocalStoreUtils.h Utility Class for handling local mail stores. Berkeley Mailbox * and MailDir stores inherit from th 1.7 kB
nsMsgMaildirStore.cpp nsIMsgPluggableStore 47.0 kB
nsMsgMaildirStore.h Class for handling Maildir stores. 1.1 kB
nsNoIncomingServer.cpp 5.8 kB
nsNoIncomingServer.h public nsMailboxServer 1.4 kB
nsNoneService.cpp nsINoneService 4.1 kB
nsNoneService.h public nsIMsgProtocolInfo 675 Bytes
nsParseMailbox.cpp 88.5 kB
nsParseMailbox.h Used for the various things that parse RFC822 headers... 9.8 kB
nsPop3IncomingServer.cpp 24.5 kB
nsPop3IncomingServer.h public nsMailboxServer 2.2 kB
nsPop3Protocol.cpp 137.0 kB
nsPop3Protocol.h A more guaranteed way of making sure that we never get duplicate messages is to always get each mess 15.6 kB
nsPop3Service.cpp 20.9 kB
nsPop3Service.h public nsIPop3Service 1.6 kB
nsPop3Sink.cpp nsIPop3Sink 32.7 kB
nsPop3Sink.h public nsIPop3Sink 2.2 kB
nsPop3URL.cpp nsMsgMailNewsUrl 1.5 kB
nsPop3URL.h public nsIPop3URL 707 Bytes
nsRssIncomingServer.cpp 8.3 kB
nsRssIncomingServer.h public nsMailboxServer 1.7 kB
nsRssService.cpp 3.3 kB
nsRssService.h public nsIMsgProtocolInfo 563 Bytes