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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
moz.build 852 Bytes
nsAutoSyncManager.cpp 44.0 kB
nsAutoSyncManager.h 11.9 kB
nsAutoSyncState.cpp @return True if the elements are equals; false otherwise. 23.1 kB
nsAutoSyncState.h An adaptor class to make msg strategy nsTArray.Sort() * compatible. 2.9 kB
nsIMAPBodyShell.cpp Create a nsIMAPBodyShell from a full BODYSTRUCUTRE response from the parser. The body shell 40.6 kB
nsIMAPBodyShell.h nsIMAPBodyShell and associated classes 16.5 kB
nsIMAPGenericParser.cpp 14.5 kB
nsIMAPGenericParser.h nsIMAPGenericParser is the base parser class used by the server parser and body shell parser 2.5 kB
nsIMAPHostSessionList.cpp 23.4 kB
nsIMAPHostSessionList.h public nsIImapHostSessionList 6.3 kB
nsIMAPNamespace.cpp 20.1 kB
nsIMAPNamespace.h 3.8 kB
nsImapCore.h imap message flags 8.9 kB
nsImapFlagAndUidState.cpp nsIImapFlagAndUidState 9.3 kB
nsImapFlagAndUidState.h public nsIImapFlagAndUidState 1.8 kB
nsImapIncomingServer.cpp nsMsgIncomingServer 108.7 kB
nsImapIncomingServer.h public nsMsgIncomingServer 6.3 kB
nsImapMailFolder.cpp 338.6 kB
nsImapMailFolder.h 24.9 kB
nsImapOfflineSync.cpp nsIUrlListener 45.0 kB
nsImapOfflineSync.h public nsIUrlListener 3.5 kB
nsImapProtocol.cpp 349.2 kB
nsImapProtocol.h 30.4 kB
nsImapSearchResults.cpp 2.2 kB
nsImapSearchResults.h 1.2 kB
nsImapServerResponseParser.cpp 109.1 kB
nsImapServerResponseParser.h public nsIMAPGenericParser 10.9 kB
nsImapService.cpp 124.5 kB
nsImapService.h public nsIImapService 5.0 kB
nsImapStringBundle.cpp 1.3 kB
nsImapStringBundle.h 516 Bytes
nsImapUndoTxn.cpp 25.3 kB
nsImapUndoTxn.h 3.0 kB
nsImapUrl.cpp 47.4 kB
nsImapUrl.h public nsIImapUrl 4.9 kB
nsImapUtils.cpp parses ImapMessageURI 11.4 kB
nsImapUtils.h 2.4 kB
nsSyncRunnableHelpers.cpp 22.3 kB
nsSyncRunnableHelpers.h 3.9 kB