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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.h 659 Bytes
AccessibleWrap.cpp MaiAtkObject 53.6 kB
AccessibleWrap.h 2.5 kB
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.cpp 4.9 kB
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h public ApplicationAccessible 1.1 kB
AtkSocketAccessible.cpp 3.6 kB
AtkSocketAccessible.h public AccessibleWrap 1.5 kB
DOMtoATK.cpp 4.3 kB
DOMtoATK.h ATK offsets are counted in unicode codepoints, while DOM offsets are counted * in UTF-16 code units 5.6 kB
DocAccessibleWrap.cpp 788 Bytes
DocAccessibleWrap.h public DocAccessible 849 Bytes
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.h 750 Bytes
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.h 604 Bytes
ImageAccessibleWrap.h 584 Bytes
InterfaceInitFuncs.h XXX these should live in a file of utils for atk. 1.6 kB
Platform.cpp 10.7 kB
RootAccessibleWrap.cpp 657 Bytes
RootAccessibleWrap.h GtkWindowAccessible is the accessible class for gtk+ native window. * The instance of GtkWindowAcce 1.1 kB
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.h 598 Bytes
UtilInterface.cpp 12.3 kB
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.h 608 Bytes
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.h 601 Bytes
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.h 685 Bytes
moz.build 1.8 kB
nsMai.h MaiAtkSocket 5.1 kB
nsMaiHyperlink.cpp MaiAtkHyperlink 7.4 kB
nsMaiHyperlink.h MaiHyperlink is a auxiliary class for MaiInterfaceHyperText. 1.3 kB
nsMaiInterfaceAction.cpp 2.9 kB
nsMaiInterfaceComponent.cpp 4.9 kB
nsMaiInterfaceDocument.cpp 4.4 kB
nsMaiInterfaceEditableText.cpp 3.8 kB
nsMaiInterfaceHyperlinkImpl.cpp 981 Bytes
nsMaiInterfaceHypertext.cpp 2.5 kB
nsMaiInterfaceImage.cpp 2.2 kB
nsMaiInterfaceSelection.cpp 3.8 kB
nsMaiInterfaceTable.cpp 10.4 kB
nsMaiInterfaceTableCell.cpp 5.8 kB
nsMaiInterfaceText.cpp 19.9 kB
nsMaiInterfaceValue.cpp 3.4 kB
nsStateMap.h The following accessible states aren't translated, just ignored: STATE_READONLY: Supported 8.3 kB