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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile.am 1.3 kB
Makefile.in 26.7 kB
aes.c Retrieved from http://www.cr0.net:8040/code/crypto/aes/aes.c 28.7 kB
aes.h Retrieved from http://www.cr0.net:8040/code/crypto/aes/aes.h 617 Bytes
ctrmode.c system headers 1.8 kB
ctrmode.h Encrypt or decrypt data in AES-CTR mode. (The operations are the * same.) We roll our own here ju 1.2 kB
otr_mackey.c system headers 1.7 kB
otr_modify.c system headers 3.5 kB
otr_parse.c system headers 6.5 kB
otr_readforge.c system headers 3.6 kB
otr_remac.c system headers 3.8 kB
otr_sesskeys.c system headers 3.0 kB
otr_toolkit.1 4.5 kB
parse.c system headers 16.5 kB
parse.h 5.7 kB
readotr.c system headers 2.4 kB
readotr.h Read from the given stream until we see a complete OTR Key Exchange * or OTR Data message. Return 1.2 kB
sesskeys.c system headers 3.7 kB
sesskeys.h Generate the session id and the two encryption keys from our private * DH key and their public DH k 1.4 kB
sha1hmac.c system headers 1.9 kB
sha1hmac.h Implementation of SHA1-HMAC. We're rolling our own just to * double-check that the calls libotr ma 1.2 kB