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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
aom.h !\defgroup aom AOM * \ingroup codecs * AOM is aom's newest video compression algorithm that uses m 5.4 kB
aom_codec.h !\defgroup codec Common Algorithm Interface * This abstraction allows applications to easily suppor 17.6 kB
aom_decoder.h !\defgroup decoder Decoder Algorithm Interface * \ingroup codec * This abstraction allows applicat 14.9 kB
aom_encoder.h !\defgroup encoder Encoder Algorithm Interface * \ingroup codec * This abstraction allows applicat 36.9 kB
aom_frame_buffer.h !\file * \brief Describes the decoder external frame buffer interface. 3.3 kB
aom_image.h !\file * \brief Describes the aom image descriptor and associated operations * 14.4 kB
aom_integer.h get ptrdiff_t, size_t, wchar_t, NULL 3.0 kB
aomcx.h !\defgroup aom_encoder AOMedia AOM/AV1 Encoder * \ingroup aom * * @{ 39.7 kB
aomdx.h !\defgroup aom_decoder AOMedia AOM/AV1 Decoder * \ingroup aom * * @{ 10.7 kB
exports_com 565 Bytes
exports_dec 254 Bytes
exports_enc 273 Bytes