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Adrian Grange <agrange@google.com>
Aℓex Converse <aconverse@google.com>
Aℓex Converse <aconverse@google.com> <alex.converse@gmail.com>
Alexis Ballier <aballier@gentoo.org> <alexis.ballier@gmail.com>
Alpha Lam <hclam@google.com> <hclam@chromium.org>
Deb Mukherjee <debargha@google.com>
Erik Niemeyer <erik.a.niemeyer@intel.com> <erik.a.niemeyer@gmail.com>
Guillaume Martres <gmartres@google.com> <smarter3@gmail.com>
Hangyu Kuang <hkuang@google.com>
Hui Su <huisu@google.com>
Jacky Chen <jackychen@google.com>
Jim Bankoski <jimbankoski@google.com>
Johann Koenig <johannkoenig@google.com>
Johann Koenig <johannkoenig@google.com> <johann.koenig@duck.com>
Johann Koenig <johannkoenig@google.com> <johann.koenig@gmail.com>
John Koleszar <jkoleszar@google.com>
Joshua Litt <joshualitt@google.com> <joshualitt@chromium.org>
Marco Paniconi <marpan@google.com>
Marco Paniconi <marpan@google.com> <marpan@chromium.org>
Pascal Massimino <pascal.massimino@gmail.com>
Paul Wilkins <paulwilkins@google.com>
Ralph Giles <giles@xiph.org> <giles@entropywave.com>
Ralph Giles <giles@xiph.org> <giles@mozilla.com>
Ronald S. Bultje <rsbultje@gmail.com> <rbultje@google.com>
Sami Pietilä <samipietila@google.com>
Sarah Parker <sarahparker@google.com>
Tamar Levy <tamar.levy@intel.com>
Tamar Levy <tamar.levy@intel.com> <levytamar82@gmail.com>
Tero Rintaluoma <teror@google.com> <tero.rintaluoma@on2.com>
Timothy B. Terriberry <tterribe@xiph.org> Tim Terriberry <tterriberry@mozilla.com>
Tom Finegan <tomfinegan@google.com>
Tom Finegan <tomfinegan@google.com> <tomfinegan@chromium.org>
Yaowu Xu <yaowu@google.com> <yaowu@xuyaowu.com>
Yaowu Xu <yaowu@google.com> <yaowu@yaowu-macbookpro.roam.corp.google.com>