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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
config.mk 3.2 kB
exports.gyp 721 Bytes
manifest.mn 577 Bytes
nss.def 26.8 kB
nss.gyp 1.7 kB
nss.h The private macro _NSS_CUSTOMIZED is for NSS internal use only. 14.3 kB
nss.rc 1.9 kB
nssinit.c On Windows nss3.dll needs to export the symbol 'mktemp' to be * fully backward compatible with the 45.5 kB
nssoptions.c 3.0 kB
nssoptions.h Include the default limits here 786 Bytes
nssrenam.h 667 Bytes
nssver.c Library identity and versioning 461 Bytes
pkixpriv.def 10.6 kB
utilwrap.c wrappers for implementation in libnssutil3 20.1 kB